While state officials on Friday were preparing for a recount of election results for three Florida offices (U.S. Senate, Governor and Agriculture Commissioner), city officials in Venice were awaiting a response from the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections to see if a recount for a local race will take place.

Provisional and write-in ballots in Sarasota County were added on Friday to Tuesday’s election results, giving Helen Moore a slightly larger lead in the close Venice City Council race for Seat 3.

It put an end to the question. There will be no local recount.

Moore won with 6,495 votes, or 50.27 percent of the vote, compared to incumbent Fred Fraize’s 6,426 votes, or 49.73 percent of the vote.

“I have been advised by the elections office that the city council race did not meet the threshold for a recount,” said City Clerk Lori Stelzer Friday afternoon.

Early unofficial results on Tuesday settled with Helen Moore ahead of incumbent Fred Fraize by 66 votes, out of 12,921 votes cast.

Friday’s new tally constitutes the “second unofficial results” which must be sent to the state by noon today, according to the Sarasota County Elections office.

Throughout the city, the Seat 3 vote was close.

Even in Fraize’s strongholds, Moore relatively did well. In precinct 305 (Sawgrass, where Fraize lives) and precinct 435 (Venetian Golf and River Club) Moore garnered 41.26 percent and 47.5 percent of the vote, respectively.

Similarly, on the Island in precinct 511 where Moore lives, Fraize did relatively well, garnering 45 percent of the vote.

Here’s a recap of how Venice’s nine precincts voted:


Fraize 6,426

Moore 6,495

• Precinct 301 — Waterford Sports Club

Fraize 387

Moore 464

• Precinct 305 — Church of the Nazarene

Fraize 1,411

Moore’s 991

• Precinct 435 — Venetian Golf & River Club

Fraize 877

Moore 788

• Precinct 511 — Venice Community Center

Fraize 933

Moore 1,143

• Precinct 513 — Bird Bay Village

Fraize 262

Moore 247

• Precinct 515 — Bay Indies

Fraize 456

Moore 565

Precinct 517 — Church of the Nazarene

Fraize 890

Moore 956

• Precinct 519 — Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Fraize 791

Moore 908

• Precinct 521 — Country Club Estates

Fraize 425

Moore 433


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