Three-year-old Alison Dragash, of Plantation in Venice, had a special Halloween Sunday night.

Ten homes in one of the most popular candy spots for Halloween, Harbour Oaks in Punta Gorda, agreed to host a personalized Halloween for Alison, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Wearing a glittery, pastel green dress and carrying a wand, Alison /Tinkerbell was guided by her trusty companion, Peter Pan (11-year-old Brady Reynolds), to each home.

Diagnosed July 31, Alison has been undergoing weekly chemotherapy to fight the disease.

With so many kids dressed up and running around Halloween night, “she can’t be exposed to all those germs,” said Alison’s grandmother, Golda Radefeld.

Alison also suffers from neuropathy as a result of the chemo, Radefeld said, making her get tired more quickly.

But Sunday night, Alison received all the candy.

A posse of crocodiles, pirates and even Wendy followed closely behind Alison as she pranced from an asylum decorated with wood planks boarding the walls to a graveyard lighting up to the beat of “Monster Mash.”

After trick-or-treating at the 10 participating houses, she spilled her collection of goodies on the floor of a participating home to assess the jackpot she just hit. Among a sea of lollipops, M&Ms and Nerds was an Ariel Barbie doll, a $20 bill and the mother load — a full-size Hershey bar.

“You’re special, Alison,” Reynolds said.

Though the amount of candy she received would make any ghost jealous, her favorite prize of all was “bubbles,” she giggled, making sure to grab one of the 12 opened lollipops laid out to accompany her outside as she blew said bubbles.

Updates of Alison’s treatment can be found at, where Alicia’s brother, Eric Radefeld, writes about Alison’s life from her point of view.

Alison has a GoFundMe at wonders-for-alison, where the family has raised $26,203 for her treatment.


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