A perfect sunset at Caspersen Beach. Not so much for the Awenasa, the sailboat in the foreground that had run aground last week.

A sailboat stuck on Caspersen Beach for weeks has been removed.

A young couple had to give up their 34-foot sailboat called the Awenasa — American Native for “My Home” — after it washed ashore during high winds two weeks ago.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 24, after the sailboat broke free from its anchor and washed ashore, coming to rest on the rocks of Caspersen Beach just south of Venice.

Reportedly the couple were in the process of returning from a trip to the Bahamas via the Florida Keys and ran into a mechanical problem. They anchored off Caspersen waiting to retrieve a part when a storm passed through.

Sea Tow Venice responded. No injuries were reported.

Unable to afford towing charges, the West Coast Inland Navigation District stepped in to assist.

When that happens, said Sea Tow Venice’s Capt. Craig Marcum, WCIND will require the owner to turn over the title of the vessel in order to make sure the parties involved in its removal are paid.

In this case, the couple reportedly purchased the used sailboat a year ago and hadn’t yet had it titled into the new owner’s name. Once that was straightened out, a commercial marine towing company out of Cortez, Sunshine Dock Construction, was awarded the towing contract by WCIND, which now held title to the vessel.

The Awenasa was removed on Thursday.


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