If you’re unattached as Valentine’s Day approaches, don’t lose heart. According to WalletHub.com, Florida is the No. 1 state for singles.

The online financial services company compared all 50 states using 28 indicators of dating-friendliness in three categories: “Dating Opportunities” (including the share and gender balance of singles); “Dating Economics” (median household income, the cost of a movie); and “Romance & Fun” (restaurants, theaters and events per capita, crime rate).

Florida ranked third in Dating Opportunities and Romance & Fun and 34th in Dating Economics.

California took second overall despite being first in Dating Opportunities and second in Romance & Fun. Ranking 49th in Dating Economics kept it behind Florida.

South Dakota ranked first in Dating Economics and New York was first in Romance & Fun.

West Virginia took last place, coming in at No. 47 in Dating Opportunities, 41 in Dating Economics and 44 in Romance & Fun.

North Dakota was the lowest-ranked state in Dating Opportunities, while New York was last in Dating Economics and Delaware was 50th in Romance & Fun.

Florida’s score was boosted by ranking first in restaurants per capita, tied with California, New York and Texas. It was eighth in the number of single adults and movie theaters per capita and 11th in the gender balance of the state’s singles.

It didn’t fare as well on the tech side of dating, however, coming in 21st in online-dating opportunities and 28th in mobile-dating opportunities.

To see the full report, visit: WalletHub.com.


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