A Sea Tow Venice boat monitors an oil containment boom surrounding a small diesel fuel spill Wednesday morning at the Crow’s Nest Marina.

VENICE — A marine fuel spill cleanup is underway at the Crow’s Nest in Venice’s Roberts Bay.

An estimated 7-10 gallons of diesel fuel spilled while a small pleasure craft was refueling Wednesday morning at the Crow’s Nest fuel dock. The diesel made its way into a corner contained by two retaining walls.

Sea Tow Venice is on scene conducting the oil recovery. A boom was already placed around the fuel by 10 a.m.

“A gallon of diesel can spread over an acre, so we want to move quickly,” said Craig Marcum, owner of Sea Tow Venice. “Luckily the wind is cooperating, otherwise that could have spread into the bay.”

Winds from the northeast pushed the spill into a corner of the marina, containing the spill and making it easier to clean up.

Venice Police were on scene as a precaution.

Marcum and his wife, Charlotte, were walking the dock Wednesday morning, examining the spill and directing a Sea Tow boat to maneuver the boom and begin spill recovery operations.

Marcum said he heard about the spill on his marine radio and made his way to the scene right away. He was contacted and asked to do whatever it takes to clean up the spill.


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