SOUTH VENICE — The Charley Project recently added details of a missing South Venice man to its website.

The project profiles more than 13,000 cold cases of missing people.

George Kuehne, 55, was last seen in Hollywood, Fla., on Sept. 6, 2016.

According to his sister, Fran Kuehne Lacher, Kuehne was released from a Venice nursing home on Aug. 24, 2016, after his insurance stopped paying.

The next day he left with a woman he met online to live with her in Hollywood.

He was there for less than a week when he went missing.

According to Hollywood Police Department, Kuehne took a medical transport van to the 2300 block of Lee Street in Hollywood to live with Christine Wagner, the woman he’d met online.

Wagner has not been accused of any wrongdoing thus far in the investigation.

His family last heard from him Sept. 1, 2016. Wagner allegedly told authorities Kuehne left with two men in a white van Sept. 6.

Wagner was subsequently arrested in Louisiana, along with others associated with a group known as the Felony Lane Gang.

She has a long criminal history, including convictions for drugs and prostitution, according to court records. When questioned by police, she allegedly admitted she’d placed $3,000 in charges on Kuehne’s debit card.

Lacher said her brother was conservative with his money and kept his pin number written down on a piece of paper in his wallet.

Since Kuehne’s disappearance, no one has accessed his bank account or used his Medicare card, which he would need to pay for his medications, according to Lacher’s postings on Facebook.

Lacher said he is probably dead.

“I would like to say there’s hope but George had too many things that were wrong with him that required medication on a daily basis. He had a lot of kidney problems. Problems that (meant) he couldn’t go 24 hours without his medicine,” Lacher said in an interview last year on ABC 7 WWSB.

Now, all she wants is closure, saying she’d be satisfied just learning what happened to him. Even from a social media message; even from someone under a fictitious name.

“I’m not looking to involve the police or have someone punished. I’m just looking for closure for me, his mother, his family and all those who loved him,” she said.

Kuehne, who has two children, would be 58 today.

He required using a wheelchair after being struck by an SUV years earlier.

Lacher told ABC 7 he was in a hospital for a year recovering. Today, he would need his wheelchair or a walker to get around, and cannot get in and out of it without assistance. He took several different medications required daily and is classified by law enforcement as disabled and endangered.

Numerous email and telephone requests for an update on this case were not returned by the Hollywood Police Department.

If anyone has any information on Kuehne’s case, they should contact the Venice Police Department at 941-486-2444 or the Hollywood Police Department at 954-764-4357.


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