City Council Member Fred Fraize is once again utilizing a low-finance strategy — the same one he used in election campaign 2015 as a political newcomer to beat an incumbent.

The numbers are in and in this year’s non-partisan race for Seat No. 3 on the Venice City Council, G3 campaign treasurer reports ending Sept. 30 show besides a self contribution of $500, Fraize didn’t receive one single contribution toward his campaign.

That is, until Sept. 24 — six days before the end of the last reporting period — when a handful (five), led by Control Growth Now and former mayor Ed Martin, all came in within a few days for a total of $1,450.

“I feel sad asking for money from working people,” Fraize previously said.

Challenger Helen Moore, on the other hand, has an ever-growing list of contributors (75) whose donations totaled $15,645 by the end of G3 campaign reporting period.

Moore, a realtor in Venice for the past 25 years and active in the service community, has served on the city Planning Commission for the past five years.

Moore has a Facebook page and website with written positions on key issues facing the city.

With less than 30 days until the election, Fraize has neither a campaign Facebook page, nor a campaign website. His personal Facebook page hasn’t had a posting since March 24.

It reflects what has been called one of the sleepier races in recent Venice history.

Both candidates meet with the Venice Gondolier Sun editorial board this week.

A candidate forum sponsored by the Venice Aviation Society Inc., usually held at City Hall and one of the few open to the public, was canceled this year.


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