The Venice Police Department reported the following arrests:

• Eleazar Perez, 19, 1200 block of Groveland Avenue, Venice. Charge: contempt of court (failure to appear). Bond: $200.

• Valeriy Vigil, 22, 700 block of N. Groveland Avenue, Venice. Charge: burglary causing damage to a structure. Bond: $20,000.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

• MacKenzie Egeland, 26, 6000 block of Pheasant Road, Venice. Charges: disorderly intoxication, probation violation. Bond: none.

• John Hopper, 40, 1300 block of Mango Avenue, Venice. Charge: probation violation. Bond: none.

• Shawn Struble, 40, 300 block of Argus Road, Venice. Charge: probation violation. Bond: none.

• Carolyn Wojtczak, 30, 100 block of N. Pearl Avenue, Nokomis. Charges: criminal mischief, probation violation. Bond: none.

• Mark Hornick, 51, 500 block of N. Dona Way, Nokomis. Charge: trespassing. Bond: $500.

• Trevor Pickett, 28, 500 block of N. Quincy Road, Venice. Charge: domestic battery. Bond: none.

• Robert Tinsley, 41, 1100 block of Jamaica Road, Venice. Charges: probation violation, drug equipment possession. Bond: none.

• Shanna Wilson, 31, 100 block of Gulf Avenue, Nokomis. Charge: contempt of court (failure to appear). Bond: $2,500.

• Vaughn Titis-Byrd, 31, 400 block of Pennsylvania Road, Osprey. Charge: Charlotte County warrant for probation violation. Bond: none.

— Compiled by Greg Giles


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