Here are some comments from Tuesday’s Venice City Council meeting.

On the sale of the Hamilton Building to Venice Theatre:

“I think it’s a very good new owner. … I appreciate my colleagues suggesting we sell it.” — Council Member Bob Daniels

Daniels and Mayor John Holic had spoken in favor of a lease, to generate an income stream, but went along with listing it for sale.

On the city’s fact sheet developed to counter “misinformation” about growth:

“This was certainly not intended to change people’s minds.” — Vice Mayor Rich Cautero

“We can make all the fact sheets you want; we’re not going to convince the naysayers.” — Council Member Chuck Newsom

“We need to continue to tell our story. We have the best story around.” — Daniels

On the county commission’s interest in redistricting prior to the 2020 census:

“They’re not saying” why they’re looking at it. “I have a problem with that.” — Council Member Jeanette Gates

“ I am not in a position to recommend anything. I wouldn’t engage at this juncture.” — Vice Mayor Rich Cautero

On asking the county to tweak its reduction in impact fees to encourage smaller housing units:

“I agree with the goal ... but I’m not sure I agree with the methodology to support it.” — Cautero

“I’m just not ready to let the state off the hook.” Newsom, commenting on the state Legislature taking housing funds for other purposes.

“If I can’t do it, nobody can.” — Don O’Connell, who said regulatory costs and delays make building affordable housing units on property he owns uneconomical.

“If you think it’s a decent idea, do it.” — resident Joe Venuti Jr. after proposing an affordable rental community in Nokomis as a possible city/county venture


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