Build another high school. Other snowbirds and I do not understand the county education system here. I believe that Venice High School is crowded because of IslandWalk and Gran Paradiso students. They should be going to North Port High School. If they are overcrowded, build another high school in North Port. Do not, under any means, expand Venice High School. Make another campus for Venice on River Road.

No to roundabout. The roundabout or a better name, the merry-go-round: They’ve got to think out of the box. It’s getting choked up all the time already, and with that new housing project adding two hundred cars an hour out, it’s going to be an impossible situation. The roundabout just will not work. It’s going to be a traffic nightmare. It already is. Ambulances are going to be hung up with the new hospital, and people will die waiting for their turn to get on the roundabout. We need four lanes coming in from every direction with a stop light to control traffic. The roundabout was OK for a while, but in the long run, it’s not going to work. It has to be taken out.

More local. Why would you publish an opinion piece written by a national opinion writer (Ruth Marcus, Nov. 18) when there are so many local opinion writers writing on local issues? Thought you were a newspaper that covered local issues. Oh, I know why. She’s a left-wing anti-administration writer. If it weren’t for the fact that you do report local news, sports and social events, I’d cancel my subscription.

Veterans appreciation. The people in Venice, they are still very nice people. Sunday morning, Veterans Day, my wife and I went to one of the local restaurants. When we were going to get up and pay the bill, this young lady walked up and said, “Thanks for your service. We’ll take care of this bill.” Thank you for that, and thank you for recognizing the veterans.

Foster children. A climate change report came out this week, and one issue is over population…too many people. I don’t understand why people in Utah think they can have seven children in today’s 2018. If you want a big family, do what we did. We fostered kids out of foster care. That would help immensely. You’d have a big family, and there’s so many kids that need help. Seven children is a burden financially on us too.

More workforce housing. Have you noticed so many help-wanted signs around Venice? Forty years of not allowing work force housing to be built might be the answer. Mr. Newsom brought the matter to council’s attention at the November meeting. Will Venice’s police and firemen respond in a emergency when they all live in other communities? They didn’t in New Orleans during the hurricane. Many stayed home to protect their families. The chamber of commerce and city council have ignored this issue for years.

Citizens need to be heard. City council wants to limit people from speaking at council meetings. One of the original families here in Venice wants to develop their property. They’ve had this land for many years. Fox Lea Farms is their neighbor and not in the city of Venice. They allowed Fox Lea Farms to dictate a development going next door. It doesn’t make sense. The city wants to eliminate outsiders in their speech. This is a good example of what will not work. People outside of Venice should have a say, speak out and not be limited to how long they can speak. Also, the farmer’s market is doing great next to City Hall. Hopefully they’ll put the fire station back on the same site and leave all those beautiful oak trees for people to enjoy. It adds to the beauty, cleaner air and adds to our environment. Listen to the citizens. Keep the fire station on Harbor Drive, not at the back side of City Hall.

Bikes on the sidewalk. There’s an editorial in today’s paper regarding city council attempting to fix a problem that does not exist. When you think about recent comments people are making about bicycles and the people that ride them, they want to ban bicycles from being on the sidewalks in downtown Venice. I don’t think a problem exists there. When was the last time someone got runover by a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk? I do believe that certain sidewalks that are heavily populated, like Venice Avenue in front of the stores, should not allow bikes. Elsewhere, if you ride a bike, would you want to ride in the streets? I don’t trust the drivers.

Stop! We need to discuss the fact that there are brand new stop signs all over the island. It’s really important for the public to pay attention. Play close attention to the stop signs. They’re there for your safety. Lately, I have been going after people and telling them, “You just went through a stop sign.” I’d prefer not to do that. So better yet, let’s all pay attention, adhere to the law and stop at stop signs. And, while we’re at it, let’s use those blinkers, shall we?


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