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A reply. I’m calling about someone writing about Trump being send by the Lord. Really? All men are sinners. So, with that being said, this is a man who has committed adultery on a grand scale, with a porn star, and the news of the adultery reaching front pages of the papers regularly and with a wife that doesn’t seem to mind. With that being said, I voted for Trump because I thought that he would support the LGBT community. I have one son and one granddaughter who are LGBT. The Lord created my grandkids. That they have rights to a certain restroom … really, who cares? There’s a lot of other things to worry about in this world like war, hunger. This person who sent the letter to the newspaper saying God sent Mr. Trump, really needs to get a grip on this homosexual thing. It’s sad when people would rather see two men carrying machine guns than two women holding hands. That is really a shame.

New record. We should all celebrate Mr. Trumps record-breaking presidency. Mr. Trump is the first president in U.S. history to be elected by a foreign government.

Not true. This is for all the people who repeat the president’s phrase, “No collusion, no obstruction.” I urge them to read the Mueller report. Robert Mueller is a Republican and according to the report, there were 140 contacts between Trump’s people and Russians during the campaign, exchanges of calling data, attempts to create a communication channel and numerous other acts of collusion. However, collusion is not a crime so he could not be judged by Mueller. Also, obstruction, according to Mueller, occurred over ten times, but you cannot indict a sitting president. Obstruction is now an impeachable offense. I just want to point out those things, because I don’t like to hear that phrase used because it’s just not true, at all.

Who? I would like to know why the library at Jacaranda took all the magazines and newspapers off their racks? All the magazines and newspapers are all on the far left. I want to know who responsible for taking all these newspapers off the rack and only leaving a very small amount of newspapers that are basically all left. We need to read both sides.

Field trip. We had six children and their families who visited last year and red tide left most of them with not much to do. Since then, I have read field-trip type articles on page 2 of the GO magazine, which is included in the Wednesday Gondolier. I mailed them the articles to find out what interested them. We now do much more in our area than just the beaches.

Take a look. I totally disagree with the Let’em Have It caller concerning the cartoon strip Pearls Before Swine. This comic never fails to evoke a laugh and forces the reader to take a serious look at society norms. The rather crude drawings make you pay less attention to style, but more to substance. It’s my favorite comic, and I’m delighted that the editors of the Sun have seen fit to include it in their publication.

Recycle. This state, as with many states, has problems with recyclable refuse. I’m from New England. In Maine, there’s a bottle department. It’s a good thing. It actually creates jobs by having recycling centers. You get your money back for the deposit so you don’t throw it on the beach. You throw it here. I vote for recycling.

Secede. With Trump as president, we’ve gone too far to turn back to the old ways. If Trump should lose the election, I think Florida or Venice should declare itself an independent nation, have our own laws and have our own president.

Does anyone hear? Run this over and over again until the 4th of July. Here’s the message I have for all of us. I would urge all to watch 1776, a wonderful play and movie. It shows our differences even as we are headed for separation from England. John Adams cries out, “Does anyone hear? Does anyone care?” Fortunately, the answer came back, “Yes, I hear. I care.” Do watch it and talk with your friends and family. You’ll be entertained, enlightened and inspired. Let us all say, “I hear, I care.”

Target red tide. I’m in agreement with the caller regarding red tide. It couldn’t be more correct. Red tide is a national issue, involving five states. Representatives from both sides of the aisle and local levels should focus on this issue before our region and the state’s economy is drastically and negatively affected. Venice needs focus on this, but it has to be at a Southeast national level because many states are involved.

More? Why is bigger always better? Does the Venice Theatre have to be bigger and now buying another building? Can’t they keep the prices down like they used to do? Shouldn’t they be satisfied with what they have and make it the best?

Several thoughts. The City Council is trying to close the jetties down early in the evening and keep them closed all night long. People go out to see the stars and things, and I find it very disheartening to have the jetties closed down. A lot of people take a ride down there to hear the waves, and so forth. Also, the city of Venice is using a big, red bus to collect blood using a company not based in Venice. We should be using a local firm instead of a firm that is not based in Venice. Also, the ambulance service should stay with Sarasota County. We need the taxpayers to vote on this. Put it up for a vote, and let the taxpayers vote for it.

WWJD? I was surprised by the letter “Trump sent by God.” I would have expected God to send us someone more like Jesus who preached the need to help the poor. Trump policies exacerbate hunger and homelessness. Jesus wanted to heal people; Trump is intent on taking away health care. Trump has, by my count, committed all seven deadly sins including an adulteress tryst with a porn star. The only commonality I see is that Jesus was the Prince of Peace and Trump did oppose the Vietnam War, or rather, opposed serving in the war. However, I think Jesus would have allowed conscientious objective to avoid military service, not allowing having bone spurs. If Trump was sent by God, then God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


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