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Don’t serve slop. I am calling to tell you that I am so very upset and sick and tired of all the ways these illegals are being treated. We don’t owe them anything, so why are they so concerned about what food they have? The food we serve to prisoners in jail is slop, something you would serve to pigs. But they are people, and they are humans. There’s a lot of them in there that don’t deserve to be, and they need to be fed food that can be digestible and not slop.

Be the change. On Ocean’s Day, please pick up a piece of trash for the ocean, which gives us fifty percent of the oxygen we breath. It’s turtle season until October. Knock down the sand castles, the turtles are coming. And always, be the change you want to see in the world.

Guess who? I recently read in the Reader’s Digest that ego is an overdressed insecurity. Does that sound like someone you know?

An idea. The Sarasota Orchestra should put their new concert hall in the Westfield Mall in South Sarasota, the other end of Costco. It’s already paved, and there’s plenty of parking.

Bigger than just us. Enough already with the town’s central focus on red tide. This is a phenomenon which is truly national, it’s not United States southeast region. Until all five states bordering the Gulf make this a total regional focus, we’re doomed to the traditional local kick-the-can-down-the-road approach. This approach will truly kill the region’s economy and our way of life. Focus on something real with local impact.

Another bank. You had an article about tearing down the old Gulf station on Tamiami. With a little bit of effort, you could have found out that what was being built is something that the town does not need…another bank. Not anything fun, not anything interesting, another bank. That’s what’s going to be built where the Gulf station was. Just a little bit of work, and you could have figured this out on your own.

Try harder. Whoever writes the column Pearls Before Swine attempts to be funny. They’d better improve, because most of the time it isn’t funny at all.

Spring cleaning. Having lived in Venice for 32 years, I’m saddened to see so much neglect occurring. East Venice Avenue is a recent reminder of that. The road is ladened with potholes that were allegedly repaired after being filled with asphalt last week; but, alas, it has not helped. To add to that, the landscape, or what’s left of it, is laden with papers, cans and jars etc. I haven’t seen any jail occupants for a long time to help resolve this. Let’s get them out for a little fresh air and sunshine.

Seeing blue. It’s hard to believe any true American would display our national flag, Old Glory, red stripes painted blue. It’s contemptible for the veterans and those who have died for our flag. If it was done by a democratic, childish show of vengeance, they should see their doctor for a few more treatments and then get out of the USA.

Hot pavement. This for all the dog lovers out there like me. It’s that time of year again. The pavement on the road and on your driveway could be hotter than 120 degrees with the afternoon sun beating on it. Please don’t walk your dog in the middle of the afternoon. Wait until after the sun goes down or do it in the morning. I know there are a lot of people out there that are doing it, not realizing how hot the pavement is. Take your shoes off and walk around out there and see how it feels. It’s pretty hot. If you see one of your neighbors walking their pets, they may not realize it either, so let them know how hot that pavement is. It’s over 120 degrees. Very hot on your puppy’s paws.

Bumpy ride. It would be nice if the City Council would consider repaving Venice Avenue East, just east of 41. The right-hand lane is terribly disturbed. It’s full of potholes, full of patches and it gives for a rough ride. That piece of road definitely needs to be repaved all the way up to the first light.

When? Congratulations to the baseball, swim teams, tennis team. The parade was great and great community spirit. I’d like to get this on my calendar…can you please tell me when the parade is going to be held for students who achieved academic honors, and also those who participated in community service? Hopefully they will get their day in the sun. When will that parade be?

Turn it up. I am very sad to express my frustration of the poor quality of the sound system at the annual Venice Memorial Day ceremony at Patriot’s Park on May 27. The host surely knew they would need good mics and proper amplification in order for us to hear the speakers and hear the announcements of laying of the wreaths by different veteran organizations. Across the road about eighty residents were sitting out in front of Tuscan Gardens watching the ceremony, but they couldn’t hear. Many residents had family members who were in the wars and many died. Several WWII survivors were sitting on the porch to watch the ceremony. Too bad, but none could hear what was being said or what was going on. Even the music could hardly be heard. Hopefully, future presentations will have someone knowledgeable handling the acoustics that are so needed by such a worthy ceremony. The ceremony was surely wonderful, if we could have heard it.

More? Recently on the TV news, there was a story about the 10,000 permits that were allowed by Sarasota County for 10,000 homes on Fruitville east of Interstate 75. If I hadn’t seen it on the news, I wouldn’t believe it. I still can’t wrap my head around it. What are they thinking? Have any of our commissioners sat on the interstate at 3 or 4 in the afternoon and tried to get anywhere? What are they thinking? That’s insanity. Where are we getting the water from? We have a water shortage, don’t we? If we don’t, then why can’t I water my lawn when I want to? Is this a make-believe water shortage? Our elected officials need to figure out and get in there and plan correctly. They could have 275 running parallel with 75 to take the interstate traffic away from Sarasota, and away from the coastal areas. It would also help with evacuation.

Say no. I’m calling to ask the city of Venice to please not permit the beach shop property located on Venice Beach to be rezoned, allowing for more condominiums. Say no to the rezone!


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