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Wrong Lane. This is about the eastbound lanes in the 100 hundred block of West Venice Avenue. Several times I have wanted to turn left on Business 41 and the first car in the left-turn lane (perhaps a snowbird) was in the wrong lane and wanted to go straight over the bridge, thereby holding up the entire lane behind them. I don’t know how it could be done, but there should be a sign at the Nokomis intersection saying “Left-hand turn only.”

Light the Signs. I think it’s an excellent idea that you put the four-way stops in downtown Venice. Unfortunately, a lot of people are sliding through them or not stopping. I don’t know if they’re getting used to them or it’s just that they don’t see them, but there have been a lot of near-misses with cars and pedestrians. So, I think a solution might be to put those lights around the edge of the stop signs that are run by solar, like they have on Jacaranda and Capri Isles. That way they would be very visible to everyone. I think it would solve the problem or at least fewer people would run the stop sign. I don’t know how much the cost would be, but at least it would be run by solar power.

The Worst. The wall is a total waste of our taxpayer dollars. Border crossings are the lowest in 15 years. We have someone in the White House who has no moral compass. He’s only concerned with what’s in it for his family and himself. He is a self-admitted sexual predator and brings dishonor to the office. Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever.

Flag Needed. Is it possible that someone could donate a new flag to our beautiful Venice High School? The flag that is flying now is severely tattered and needs to be replaced. If anyone could donate a flag, that would be a beautiful thing.

Not right. With the beautification activity in downtown Venice, not only is traffic a problem, but so is parking. I think it is horrible that some business owners are taking advantage of the situation by charging for parking on Miami Avenue blocks. Long after the project is done and the city is beautified, I won’t be patronizing those businesses.

Why not us? I see where Manatee County is once again offering grants for individual’s condos or individual homeowners that are in need of having something done in your home … landscaping or whatever. It looks like their program is geared for those who really need it. The program in Sarasota County, it appears to me, is for the greedy instead of the needy. The needy really can’t afford to do it for themselves. Most of the condos and neighborhood associations in Venice, in general, can afford to do their own projects. Afterall, we are using tax money, and it’s not free money. It belongs to the poor and the wealthy. There is a matching fund part of the whole grant project. Again, shame on us. I think it is a great idea, but it should be geared towards the very, very needy, even if the needy needs some help to do it. There should be volunteers that could do it in probably one day. I think this should be looked into.

Yes to fence. In praise of the fence! I think the fence in the median is a great idea. I was not involved in the planning, but think it is a good plan and needed. When the beautification is finished, I have no doubt it will be lovely and much safer than before for pedestrians and people in cars or on bikes. I have had the experience many times by someone appearing out of the hedge and having to slam on my brakes. Everyone I know thinks the fence is a good idea, and we live here year-round. Crosswalks are there for a reason. Use them.

Not a good idea. What is the problem with the fence down in the middle of the block on West Venice Avenue? Do you want to cross the street in the middle of the block? The bushes will cover most of it, and it will make it much, much safer for pedestrians and vehicles to know where the crossings are. If you just HAVE to go across in the middle of the block, climb the fence.

Spurred. I’m glad President Trump’s bone spurs have apparently healed enough for him to travel to Vietnam, even if he is about fifty years too late.

Mo’ money. Some heads must roll. Frankly, the city of Venice has or has access to too much money. We built a new library. Is it built for a hurricane shelter? No. Now we plan a new safety facility, is it to be used as a hurricane shelter? I think not. If staffs cannot, with council direction, decide what shape of roof we should have or whether we should have slats in the fence or not, all the nebules decisions should be recommended with a hard price by the architect. A $3.1 million miss, is not even excusable. If it is in the council’s plan to build a new fire station for a near $10 million, you can hear the staff saying, “We need a new city hall.” Think of what the lack of planning does to the tax base. Twenty million, police headquarters (no jail). A million-dollar fee for an architect? Guessing another twenty million for city hall, and the list goes on. Come on Venice watch-dog groups, you have a challenge!

Map it. Is it possible for the Venice Chamber to produce a map showing all the small-named shopping plazas?

No to the fence. So, it is official. The unneeded, inappropriate Venice fence is staying. I think the city should be forced to name it “The John Nolan Memorial Fence,” because, apparently, everyone at city hall thinks John Nolan will be apologetic that he didn’t think of it 85 years ago.


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