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Why wood? Why are all of the new rental apartment buildings being built in wood framing? The simple answer is because they are rentals and they do not have to be sold. Frame construction, either wood or metal, is far more efficient construction process-wise, as well as far more efficient energy-wise. The reason they use wood today is because the price of steel is noncompetitive for framing. Otherwise, there would be steel framing and stucco on frame rather than wood framing and stucco on frame. It’s simple: Streamlined building process, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to operate. And, they’re not being resold, they’re rentals.

Hang up! I just finished reading Joe Henderson’s column on your editorial page of today’s paper regarding texting and driving and the Florida Bill HB 107. If you are texting while propelling your vehicle on any road, it is an act of careless and reckless driving. I’ve been driving for 50-plus years in all kinds of weather, very heavy traffic, up and down the East coast, across the U.S. and now Florida. I am now frightened at what I must share the road with these days. These drivers should not receive a mere $30 slap-on-the-wrist fine, but $500 for the first offense, $1,000 for the second offense and the loss of your driver license for the third offense. We all need to be protected from these drivers. They need to be chauffeured, not driving any vehicle. Apparently, they’re too important and must take and make these calls while they are traveling. They need to be driven.

Look around. Thank you to the kind and gentle Trump supporter who answered me in this newspaper as to why he is still a supporter. It is apparent that we are two who can agree to disagree. I want to talk about the economy, so let me go past the president’s claim that women let him grab them by the genitals, and the hush money paid to porn stars, not to mention the huge tax increase for gold-star families. Our church weekly bags hundreds of food items for one of our Venice elementary schools where 80 children come from families that need backpacks of food so they can eat on the weekend. Now multiply this by every city and town in our nation. My friend, millions of hardworking Americans have to choose between food, rent and medicine. The true economic health of our nation is not determined by a few thousand jobs, whether Dow Jones takes a jump or someone changes a decimal point in the Index. The system is badly broken that cannot be fixed by a Cabinet who are not allowed to speak their minds and a president who cannot, or will not, read a paper more than one page long. A while ago President Trump boasted he could shoot someone on the Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote. My oh my, that’s why I weep for our nation.

Look out. You profess to love animals … ha! You continue to run them over. You kill them in the street and injure them and never stop to see if they’re alive or maybe you could help them. You don’t stop and move them to the side of the road so that other animals can eat them. Please, be the change in the world.

Say something. I’m calling about the “robbery” that occurred at Motel 6. I commend the housekeeper who saw something was wrong and called the police. See something, say something. We don’t know if this person climbing in the window was going after a child, going after money … don’t know what. Turns out that’s not the case; however, the housekeeper who called it in deserves all kinds of accolades. Why did the person registered into the hotel not give this person a key, but decide to leave the window open so this person could come and go as he pleased? That ought to be looked into by the hotel. The Venice Police Department was doing their best to do their job. Not everything they did was perfect, but if that had been a 7-year-old child being abducted or something else going on, we would have been pleased with the more-aggressive tactics. Anywhere I stay in Venice, I hope there is a watchful eye as the housekeeper who called the police, and that the police respond as appropriately as they did.

Don’t dictate votes. The caller who said no to Trump in Saturday’s newspaper — who are you to dictate who other people want to vote for? Donald Trump has done more for this country than any of your Democrats or Republicans. He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman. What business were you in, liberal?

Still need a light. Much earlier in your newspaper I read the plans for widening the bypass. There was no mentioning of a red-green light at Detwiler’s. I feel that is very necessary to have a light in this location. Is there anything that can be done to facilitate this?

Turn a blind eye. I think you should look the other way when these things happen in the parks. The behavior is inappropriate and shouldn’t be there, but these things happen all the time in parks all across the country. Heterosexual boys and girls are messing around in the woods on weekends and there’s nothing on the front page on that. It happens all the time. There’s no front-page news or fines for that, so I think we should play fair across the board. Look the other way for homosexual behavior and heterosexual behavior, or fine everyone. Let’s get those kids out of the woods on their prom weekend and put them in jail, like this person who called in to the Gondolier Sun would like to see.

And the date is …? In the May 4 edition under Sports Briefs, the article headline claims there’s a Park Day at CoolToday Park. It’s a great article about what looks to be a great day, but there’s no date. Come on, guys, you’re better than this.

Better brick than wood. I want to thank the person who sent the message to the Let’em Have It line about the apartment and homes in buildings going up that are not made of brick. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I don’t know why our building code people are letting this happen. I see this everywhere where there are two- or three-story condos and apartment buildings going up made completely of wood, no brick. Not even the first floor is brick. They’re all wood. The next hurricane, these are going down like a house of cards, only to drive my insurance costs up. Why are our elected officials allowing this to happen? This is going to be a catastrophe, not if a hurricane comes, but when. There will be nothing left of these all wood homes. Editor’s note: All construction has to meet the standards of the building code, including wind loads, as modified after Hurricane Andrew.


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