Fix the street lights. Who is in charge of the street lights between the By-pass and Auburn Road on Venice Avenue? There are 36 street lights that are not working. Someone is not doing their job. Let’s get those street lights working.

What about last year? Recently, I saw a nice article concerning the advantage at a certain high school over most of the high schools playing football in the state of Florida. I’m not really sure what the author of the article was talking about. Didn’t Venice Indians beat this same powerful Aquinas High School on Venice’s way to a state championship? I think they did. Home field has its advantage, for sure; and you have to earn it during the season. Maybe a better subject for this particular author of the article about Aquinas would be to research the subject of head trauma received by many athletes during contact sports, and publish the results. The author has a lot of good contacts based on his years in the field of journalism. Again, Venice beat Aquinas, and is Aquinas complaining about Venice for unfair ways of getting things done? I doubt it very much.

Who pays? Is Fox Lea Farms and surrounding Nimbys going to pay the city’s attorney fees and costs to defend the Murphy Oaks case? Will taxpayers be stuck again for City Council’s indefensible position? Maybe City Council should have asked their city attorney sitting next to them whether the denial would stand up in court. Maybe for political reasons they don’t care.

Speed bumps? What’s with the speed bumps at the new library? We could use them at our southern borders.

What’s with that? I’m tired of hearing all that junk on the radio. President Trump is doing a great and wonderful job. The wall should be put up in Mexico. Does anyone want to take these people and put them in their own homes and pay for them? They should come here legally, not the way they want to come in. They’re talking about all these little kids coming across the border. What about all these people who are voting for people who want abortions? How many babies are they killing every year? And that is murder? I think President Trump is doing a great job. And these ball players too who are not standing up for our National Anthem, get rid of them. Get them out of this country, back where they belong. They take our money, but they don’t want to honor our flag.

Tell the truth. Something has to be said about the screeching, lying people who call in about bicycles on the sidewalk. These extremist views, which are clearly fabricated, are just stories made up by these people who hate bicycles, sidewalk or no. When I read the story about the person saying that a bicyclist almost ran into the back of her leg, I had to laugh. No such thing would ever happen. It doesn’t work that way. The most recent thing I’ve read about is a screechy person saying her disabled daughter and she were walking on the sidewalk and the bicyclist shouted, “Get out of the way you stupid woman.” She said she has nightmares about it. Liar, liar, pants on fire. That’s not what bicyclists do. All you bike haters would like to reinforce the policy of no bikes on sidewalks and shove it down our throats again and again. Fabrications and falsehoods and unreality to make yourself feel confident that that was the right decision. We’re going to take up the center of the sidewalk now, since you want us to be off the sidewalk. See how you like us now.

Welcome and by the way. Hello snowbirds. Welcome back. Thank you for the fact that I don’t have to pay city or state taxes. Great to see you again. A couple of things I wanted to ask you. First thing is, when you’re in a grocery store, please don’t tell the cashier about your vacation home, your grandkids or the weather up north. They’re busy, and we just want to get through the line. Number two, this is for the gentleman, so it seems mostly gentlemen, when you’re in a restaurant, please do not blow your nose in a filthy handkerchief at your table. Go to the restroom and use a Kleenex. Nobody wants to hear that while they’re eating. Number three, the roads. I wish I was retired like you, but I’m not, I have to work two jobs to make ends meet. So, please get out of the way and stay to the right. And also, when you want to make a left-hand turn from the right lane, please think again. Pull forward and go around the block. You’ve got all winter. Don’t hold up traffic because you want to make a turn from the opposite side of the street. You’ve got all day.

Why not free? There doesn’t seem to be any handicap parking on the eastbound lane of Venice Avenue, or the westbound. Also, the Rotary is having an event at the Venice Airport, and the city of Venice is paying employees to be out there handling equipment. Taxpayers’ money is paying for their salaries and the cost of bringing the equipment out. They’re going to be charging three dollars to have citizens come out and see their employees in competition. It doesn’t make sense. They paid for their salaries, they paid for the equipment; they should be able to come and see it for free. I know it’s a small charge, but it’s not very good.


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