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Nimbys costing us money. I’m calling about the article titled “County sued by opponents of development decision.” If I were to title my comments of today, it would be “Another Nimby costs us all money.” The article goes on to say that there has been a suit filed in the 12th District Court challenging the Sarasota County Commission’s approval of the plan by Benderson Development to development that vacant, blighted corner of the intersection of Stickney Point and U.S. 41. Benderson has owned that land for ten years and has been paying the taxes all this time. It has sat there vacant and unused and an eyesore. All this time, this land has been designated as a commercial center. Now the Nimbys are going to fight tooth and nail, and they will not be able to convince the development of that property. That we know already. They will simply be able to add to the cost of developing that property. And if history is any indicator, once the property has been developed, those Nimbys will typically move. Why do we allow Nimbys to cost us all millions of dollars?

Stay vigilant. Good to see that the problem of red tide is appearing in multiple media because the subject is of such importance. Don’t let your guard down. It affects everyone in Florida. We have to pool our ideas and see what we can come up with. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to build or rent property anywhere near the Gulf or the Atlantic until a mitigation plan is put into action. We have to reduce the amount of runoff that could be part of an ever-increasing problem. Even the rainfall itself could be more toxic than in past years. Landscapers are placing non-Florida Friendly shrubs and bushes as we speak trying to get as much landscaping that requires constant cheating against the city’s policies and the county’s regulations dealing with times of irrigation. It’s hard to believe how selfish some folks can be when it comes to wanting the greenest grass and non-friendly landscaping just for their personal satisfaction. Shame on us.

Respect. How wonderful it was to see the All-Star hockey players from many countries stand with respect for the Canadian’s and the United States of America’s national anthems. Respect for your country is needed in today’s childish, divisive world.

Say what? I was watching the local news out of Sarasota talking about how to deal with traffic, the planning of pedestrians and all that kind of thing, looking out 20 years trying to plan for your growth. I have to laugh. They’re talking about having pedestrian lanes and bike lanes and additional lanes to handle the traffic. Have these planners driven down from Sarasota lately? They have condos right up to the street. There’s no room for anything else. They’ve locked themselves in. There is no room for pedestrian lanes or bike lanes or any other lanes. Even if the contractor was giving it away for free, there’s no room for it. I think they should create a moratorium on building. That’s what we need.

Lights on. A reminder: Florida law states that when it rains, your headlights must be on. I had a very close call with a dark car that pulled out in front of me with no lights on, and I did not see it. Turn your lights on.

We like airport. This is in response to letters and callers and airplanes flying around Venice and the noise. They knew the airport was there before they moved there, and the airport’s been there many, many years. They should move, not the airport. And, for everybody that I know, we love the airplanes flying around in the sky.

Not free. I read complaints about people in Nokomis getting free ambulance and fire service. That’s wrong. I live in Nokomis, and last month I needed an ambulance. I got a bill for well over $600. Luckily, my insurance paid for most of it. The fire department does have a voluntary fee for their year, which I do pay; but if I did not pay, they make it very clear that if I need their service, I would definitely be charged for it.

Tired of long lines? I was shocked, I tell you, that everywhere I go, Publix, Detwiler’s, the library, downtown…everyone complains. I can’t believe they’re not writing to you. So, here are a few complaints, and I’m only allowed to call once a week, but I’m giving two or three this week. Here’s the first complaint: If you don’t live here more than two or three months out of the year, the lines are long because of you. The traffic is bad because of you. We’re very happy to take your money, and we enjoy your company. But, if you’re in these stores and you’re loudly complaining that the lines are too long and you can’t stand it, you have an option. You don’t have to come. Hey, I hear Delray is a swell place.

Seeking more info. A couple of weeks ago, the police used a helicopter, lots of foot patrol and lots of cars cruising up and down, to catch a thief. Someone had robbed one of our restaurants, right on Venice Avenue. I kid you not, right above my house, for 15 minutes, the helicopter circled. There was no information whatsoever in the newspaper. There’s been no response from Venice Police Department. I’m curious. I think the public is curious. Secondly, on Saturday, a person’s house was attempted to be broken into. It was right in downtown Venice. They tried to cut the lanai open and smashing a window. Luckily, the lady screamed, and that person ran away. I’d like to hear more about it. Wouldn’t you?

Tag, your it. I’m calling about terrible Florida drivers. Having lived and driven in Florida my whole life, I took offense for that comment from the snowbird. Living in a one-thousand-house subdivision with carports, it is easy to see Florida tags on cars. I counted snowbird homes with Florida tagged cars. Seventy-five percent of those snowbird homes with cars had Florida tags…maybe for homestead exemption reasons, or whatever. Next time you complain about Florida drivers, please realize numerous of those winter drivers are snowbirds from the north. We may hear one siren in a week in the summer, but several every day in the winter.

No lap dogs. I’m a dog lover and wanted to put this out there for all the dog lovers. The past 25 years or so, cars have had air bags. They’re on the side, they’re in the trunk. If you have a dog sitting on your lap and that air bag goes off, your dog would be a bleeding, flat pancake in your lap. Something to think about. Put the dog between you on the seat, or next to you, but don’t put the dog in your lap.


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