Biden is bad; Trump was best president ever


This notice is in response to the Letters to the Editor, dated Nov. 6, 2021.

Frankly, I found the letter regarding “There are a lot of things Biden is not” extremely offensive and totally untrue!

Everything said about Biden being “not” a liar, “not” a thief, “not” a bully, “not” a hypocrite, “not” a misogynist, “not” a womanizer, “not” an elitist, “not” a con man, “not” a heartless man, “not” a nasty man, “not” a spiteful man, “not” a biter man and “not” a traitor — is totally incorrect.

You absolutely should have left out the word “not” in each and everyone of the ridiculous statements you made about him. He is all of those things and more.

Did you really write this, or were these words given to you by his questionable family members (i.e. Hunter or his daughter)? If not, then you should really go back to school and start reading about his history while “serving” (ha, ha) the USA.

He has shown his true colors all along — and is anything but a true American.

And Trump never behaved like a “petty king” but rather as the best President this country has ever, ever had.

Joan Lynch


Is this the country I fought for?


At times, I wonder what country we are in. As a Vietnam veteran, I am puzzled at the various observations of how well we are doing as a country.

As to employment, the labor participation rate is the lowest in decades — not a great indicator that all is well. Then there is the southern border. Yes, it is still part of the United States, that is completely wide open while supposedly the nation is still fighting COVID-19 or the Delta variant.

Make any sense? No!

Build Back Better legislation transformative? It is if you don’t like America and our system of education, immigration and voting integrity, never mind other so called “transformative” previsions, all the while pushing for green energy.

As to another extremely controversial topic, abortion, whatever happened to the concept of responsibility? Are we just a throwaway society, including the formation of life? The more recent military fiasco of exiting Afghanistan makes me wonder if the uniform of the country I represented in the ‘60s is even close to representing the values of today.

The news media has completely swept the topic of Afghanistan off the news even though there are Americans and allies still trapped in that country. Those who tend to support this weak and ineffective administration need to remove the “rose colored” glasses and not see things through the prism of polarized politics and gain a sense of pragmatism.

This country on a global scale has lost a lot of credibility since the Afghanistan withdrawal. Build Back Better is not going to alter reality with nearly a $30 trillion debt.

Wait until the interest payments on that comes due. Your dollar is shrinking with inflation. If you can remember, a year ago the country had stabilized gas prices and other commodities. Some of our politicians have led this country down the “prim rose path.” Reality cannot be denied regardless of party affiliation.

Robert Ash


Steube should address this Medicare/Medicaid issue


Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (“CMS”) announced that the monthly Medicare Part B premium for 2022 will increase by more than 14.5% — $21.60 monthly — from $148.50 to $170.10 or almost $260 annually; and the annual Part B deductible will increase $30.00 — almost 14.8% — from $203 to $233.

In announcing these increases, CMS noted that they were in part attributable to its need to fund contingency reserves for the use of Aduhelm, an Alzheimer’s drug of questionable efficacy approved by the FDA this past summer, that Biogen, its manufacturer, has indicated will cost $56,000 annually for each patient who receives it.

Our Congressman, Gregg Steube, who is always “Johnny on the spot” in his weekly newsletter in criticizing the current administration for anything and everything, was remarkably silent this past Sunday on this matter — a pocketbook issue that adversely affects a substantial part of the Congressman’s constituency.

I would urge Congressman Steube to actively embrace this issue by seeking the support of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to enact legislation to permit CMS to negotiate for Medicare beneficiaries reasonable prices with drug manufacturers, including Biogen.

Apart from moderating the costs of drugs for seniors, this could enable CMS to pare back the impending 2022 Medicare cost increases and to mitigate the need for future Medicare increases on account of new drugs.

George Neidich


What does a ‘fundamental transformation’ look like?


Past and present administrations have promised to fundamentally transform America. Reporters, however, have never queried — a fundamental transformation to what?

What would be necessary to transform the fundamentals of a constitutional republic?

Would law enforcement be delegitimized and destabilized?

Would history be removed from town squares?

Would education’s focus be social justice, instead of academic achievement?

Would government intimidate parents for voicing their concerns?

Would government forego border enforcement, encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to enter illegally?

Would government’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency be a 1989 graduate of Moscow State University whose thesis is titled Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Revolution of the Capital?

Would government and corporate mandates limit individual freedom?

Would corporate media misrepresent or suppress news?

Would government propose trillions in social infrastructure spending in the name of saving the democracy?

“When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take America under the label of communism; we will not take it under the label of socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable. We will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But take it, we will!” — Alexander Trachtenberg, National Convention of Communist Parties, 1944

The websites, and, provide insight into the progressive transformation, an agenda that destroys liberty, a fundament of the USA.

Jane Hulse



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