Let’s look at true history of filibuster


Last year, Joe Biden’s transformative Build Back Better bill, a social overhaul, was (temporarily) tabled. This year, progressives will attempt to revive the For the People Act, a voting reform bill that limits states’ authority by federalizing elections.

For the election overhaul to pass, the Senate must change the chamber’s rules eliminating the historically rich filibuster.

The stage was set last year with Joe Biden claiming the USA is systemically racist while at the same time claiming the filibuster is a relic of Jim Crow.

History has the first successful filibuster recorded in 1837 approximately four decades prior to the Jim Crow era. The Jim Crow era is known as a period from 1870’s to the mid-1960’s when Democrat-led states segregated Americans in an attempt to limit political and financial gains. Senator Strom Thurmond having the longest filibuster on record delayed the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

Continuing the attempt to discredit the filibuster, Joe Biden also stated the procedure was used an exorbitant number of times in 2020. He failed to mention his own party was responsible for 327 of the 328 filibusters that year. One such filibuster prevented debate on Senator (Tim) Scott’s police reform bill.

Progressives claim democracy is in jeopardy. They claim the filibuster prevents the federal government from restoring election integrity. In reality, the filibuster is currently not advantageous to the progressive agenda. In fact, the progressive policies known as the BBB bill and the For the People Act would jeopardize our constitutional republic.

Redefining words, changing protocol, broadcasting misinformation and silencing the opposition are necessary actions for the progressive agenda to advance.

As Alexander Trachtenberg stated ... the labels socialism and communism are unpleasant, but liberalism and progressivism are lovable terms.

Jane Hulse


Where is the governor when leadership is needed?


Despite these depressing statistics, little has been heard from the Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding what actions he is taking to diminish the deadly effects of the COVID virus.

Florida broke its single-day COVID-19 record with 75,900 cases on New Year’s Eve,

The state ended 2021 averaging a record 42,600 cases a day from Dec. 24-30. Florida’s positivity rate is also climbing fast. It was 2.6 percent when the first omicron case was discovered. It is now 26.5 percent. Florida’s total infections rose to nearly 4.2 million; this included 2.9 million infected in 2021. Total deaths increased to 62,504.

It seems the Governor wants “survival of the fittest.” He is showing complete disregard for the citizens of Florida.

The same principle seems to apply to unemployment benefits and other state aid to families.

Gov. DeSantis and Surgeon General Ladapo continue to be cagey about advocating for vaccination despite clear data that most people getting sick from COVID are unvaccinated

Norman R. Wirtz


Here is the background on Hawk’s Run


Recently in another local periodical, Hawk’s Run Golf Course management stated “dis/misinformation abounds.” We would agree, but not in the way he intends.

What’s the promise? Hawk’s Run was sold to John Robertson in 1983 with a “the golf course must remain a golf course” deed restriction. Homeowners buying into this community for decades have held this common understanding. Planning Commission minutes (1977) echo the same intent.

Meetings were held throughout 2021, some initiated by Bird Bay homeowners and some by Hawk’s Run. Most notable were a series of three meetings aimed at reviewing our proposal to purchase the golf course.

Although they did not end successfully, they were cordial and friendly, not at all emblematic of an “undeclared war.”

Conversely, with hundreds locked out of the public workshop on Dec. 15 because the software was “capped” at 100 users, Hawk’s Run announced its redevelopment. Ninety percent of 1026 units were excluded from the start. This meeting was therefore wholly inadequate and must be redone.

The Master Plan (1992) grandfathered our existing density ratio at 5.17 units-per-acre, which exceeds the official density ratio of 4.5 units-per-acre, leaving no room whatsoever to build additional units.

Protecting the Promises.

Peter Norman



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