Biden’s team should resign in disgrace


There are thousands of American citizens trapped by our enemies of 20 years in Afghanistan. Right now, British and French troops are going into Kabul to rescue their citizens and Afghans who worked with them. Where are the American troops?

Why are they being held at the airport? Isn’t their job to go “in harm’s way” to protect their fellow Americans, not just to conduct a “safe” and “orderly” evacuation (which in reality it is not either of those)? President Biden’s incompetence has been obvious for months.

Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary Defense Austin, NSA Sullivan and Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley had an obligation, individually and as a group, to resign in protest. None did.

They either share the President’s incompetence or were too cowardly to stand up for the country. In either case, they should now be forced to resign out of shame, if not decency.

The longer they remain in office, the more likely it is that we see a repeat of this debacle. They have disgraced their offices and our country.

Becky Vandevelde


Don’t be selfish; get the COVID-19 vaccine


Everyone who refuses to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus or wear a mask, especially if you have children, and contract COVID-19 should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child and face significant consequences.

Our hospitals are taking in so many new patients every day. Some make it and some die.

The nurses and doctors have been on overdrive and overwhelmed trying to keep these patients alive but sadly can do nothing but watch some of them die. There is absolutely no excuse good enough not to get the vaccine.

You know what you’re doing is wrong and understand this you have now become a weapon of mass destruction and should be treated as such. Stop being selfish and do what’s right and stop the spread.

Cynthia Waterbury


Stop signs and masks? It’s the same choice


I hereby declare myself exempt from stop signs. They tell us that stop signs are for public safety — protecting other people. Why should I protect other people?

If I run a stop sign and get hurt, that’s the risk I run. If I hurt someone else, it’s their fault for being on the road with me.

This is exactly the same as my freedom not to wear a COVID-19 mask — isn’t it? If I get COVID-19, that’s the risk I run. If I then give it to someone else, it’s their fault for breathing the same air as me.

Public safety? Socialist concept.

Robert Gilstein


We have lost some of our local freedoms


Thank you, Mr. Basch, for pointing out our lost freedoms.

Florida was an open carry state; that is you could have an open beer while driving ... barefoot ... no seat belt.

Every pickup truck had a gun rack in the back window. We didn’t need those sissy handguns to shoot a snake, scare an alligator or get rid of a pesky squirrel in the yard.

An addition to the list are all those ridiculous stoplights on U.S. 41. We had one at Venice Avenue and one in South Venice where Business 41 meets U.S. 41. Also, speed limits: Venice to Englewood used to be 55 mph with only one lane each way.

Now we have three with a 45 mph limit, plus stop lights. What is that about? I want to pop a beer, drive barefoot, hair flying at 55 mph, and drop my child off at school with no mask.

Kathleen Champion


Parents should have say-so on student mask issue


The Parental Rights Law should be the beginning and end! The governor is once again using common sense and the real science by mandating freedom of choice.

The facts are that student-aged children are affected more by the common cold and flu. The masks simply create an environment of increased germs, hysteria, and reduced oxygen without any protection against virus molecules that easily penetrate even “multiple” masks.

Parents in a free country should have the absolute right to manage this. What’s next? Will the School Board mandate Biden T-shirts for school attire?

Floyd Stone Rinehart


Biden is in charge, and that fact is scary


For months, Joe Biden has been unable to deliver a coherent speech or answer a question without a teleprompter or notes. In the few unscripted moments that occur, he frequently appears confused. He refers to people who tell him what reporters to call on, and when he should not answer questions.

We are left to wonder who’s in charge here. With the Afghanistan mess, we now have a most terrifying answer: It’s actually Joe.

A leaked phone call to the Afghan president, and other documents, show that Biden was fully aware that the Afghan army would collapse with great speed. He knew that thousands of outside terrorists were invading Afghanistan.

He defied the reported recommendations of his generals and others to preserve a 9/11 political photo op. He lied about the situation on the ground and the likely outcome. He was more worried about labeling American citizens “stranded” than he was about actually leaving them behind.

Joe Biden lives in a fantasy world that exists only in his mind. He lies about the southern border situation, believes that an awful economic report proves his plans are working, and thinks he has COVID-19 under control. He doesn’t think that our NATO allies are appalled over his actions.

He won’t resign; he won’t be impeached. Anyway, we’d be stuck with our invisible vice president, who is likely the only person who could make Joe Biden look good. We are finding out, in the worst possible way, that elections have consequences.

Roger Roess



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