Parents should have say-so on student mask issue


The Parental Rights Law should be the beginning and end! The governor is once again using common sense and the real science by mandating freedom of choice.

The facts are that student-aged children are affected more by the common cold and flu. The masks simply create an environment of increased germs, hysteria, and reduced oxygen without any protection against virus molecules that easily penetrate even “multiple” masks.

Parents in a free country should have the absolute right to manage this. What’s next? Will the School Board mandate Biden T-shirts for school attire?

Floyd Stone Rinehart


Biden is in charge, and that fact is scary


For months, Joe Biden has been unable to deliver a coherent speech or answer a question without a teleprompter or notes. In the few unscripted moments that occur, he frequently appears confused. He refers to people who tell him what reporters to call on, and when he should not answer questions.

We are left to wonder who’s in charge here. With the Afghanistan mess, we now have a most terrifying answer: It’s actually Joe.

A leaked phone call to the Afghan president, and other documents, show that Biden was fully aware that the Afghan army would collapse with great speed. He knew that thousands of outside terrorists were invading Afghanistan.

He defied the reported recommendations of his generals and others to preserve a 9/11 political photo op. He lied about the situation on the ground and the likely outcome. He was more worried about labeling American citizens “stranded” than he was about actually leaving them behind.

Joe Biden lives in a fantasy world that exists only in his mind. He lies about the southern border situation, believes that an awful economic report proves his plans are working, and thinks he has COVID-19 under control. He doesn’t think that our NATO allies are appalled over his actions.

He won’t resign; he won’t be impeached. Anyway, we’d be stuck with our invisible vice president, who is likely the only person who could make Joe Biden look good. We are finding out, in the worst possible way, that elections have consequences.

Roger Roess


Was the satire too subtle?


I am writing in response to Judy Russell’s Sept. 8th letter critical of both Michael Bosch, the author of a previously-published letter arguing that drinking while driving should be legal, and the Gondolier for publishing his letter.

I recommend Ms. Russell read the 18th century Swift classic essay, “A Modest Proposal,” which Wikipedia describes as “suggest[ing] that the impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food to rich gentlemen and ladies.”

My suggestion will either further infuriate Ms. Russell or help her to realize that satire is not intended to be taken literally.

George Neidich


Situation at Venice Airport is dangerous


I would like to further comment on the Venice Airport. Yep, the pilots do what they want. There are no time restrictions for when planes take off and land.

There is no tower, so they use a Unicom system that seems to “lack” coordination of the planes taking off and landing. The noise level of the small planes is bad, especially the training planes. Their engines are old and loud.

They take off and land off the same runway and over our homes over and over and over. The jets are quieter than these older smaller planes. Speaking of jets, last season I watched two jets abort their landing (over my home!) due to a small aircraft in their way.

The third time, I saw a jet abort his landing. I saw a small plane taking off from the same runway the jet was landing on! Too close for comfort.

We had three minor crashes last season. As Venice grows, so does the air traffic. And so does the room for human error, new pilots to the area, and lack of respect for the homes below.

I am very concerned for my life and those around me with this upcoming season. Too many scary moments.

And no one to watch over us on the ground.

Mary Schwass


For first time, I walked out of a play


Seeing an ad for the play, “An Act of God,” at the Venice Theatre, it sounded like a fun play, and I thought it was finally time to go enjoy a show — mask and all!

What I didn’t expect was, for the first time in my life, to actually walk out of a performance.

I was thoroughly disgusted, disappointed and ashamed to be in attendance. I’m sorry our money went to support that trash.

With any negative comment I have, I always like to add a positive — the lead role, Brad Wages, was a very good actor and I would certainly enjoy his craft with a decent story.

Barb Pifer


School Board acting in a hypocritical way


Your editorial recently about supporting the Sarasota School Board on their lawbreaking decision was so off base. You don’t represent a majority of the people who live here in Sarasota County or the state of Florida.

Overwhelmingly, parents, grandparents and community members support Gov. DeSantis’ laws giving parents the rights to make medical decisions for their children. Our board members are making poor examples of themselves by intentionally breaking laws.

Why should our school age children follow any of the rules in school? The school board has shown by example that they can do whatever they want — whether it breaks the law or not. They want parents, students, teachers and volunteers to follow rules; yet, they don’t.

What a bunch of hypocrites the Sarasota County School Board members are at this time. There are lawful ways to express their unhappiness with the governor.

Choosing to intentionally break state laws is not acceptable. School board members should be removed from their positions immediately.

Sally Nista


He was being sarcastic


This letter is regarding Judy Russell’s outrage letter to the one submitted by Mr. Michael Basch and his subject: “I want freedom to drink and drive.”

Judy, Judy, Judy, he was being sarcastic. His message is loud and clear. People who declare their freedom of choice not to get vaccinated or wear a mask are just as insane as someone demanding freedom to drink and drive.

Both potentially kill other people.

Dennis Heckart


We must strengthen ourselves against EMP attack


We must do more to strengthen our power grid against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event. Such an event can result from an attack by terrorists or by another country (e.g. China may already have the capability,) or it can occur naturally.

It could result in devastating loss of life. There is disagreement on this, but why take chances?

We should also have a ground-based GPS back-up system (like Russia has,) or we could lose internet at the least in an anti-satellite attack.

Alvin Blake


So what does freedom actually mean?


The word “freedom” has taken on a twisted meaning lately. People want freedom to not take the COVID vaccination. They want freedom for themselves or their school children to not wear masks.

The U.S. is all about freedom, right?

Are you free to drive as fast as you want to on any road? Are you free to dump your garbage on your neighbor’s yard? Are you free to punch someone in the face if you feel like it?

When your choices have effects on other people, there are limits. All the time.

So why should a person be free to acquire a deadly disease and spread it to those who have taken the recommended steps to avoid it? Or spread it to those who, for a valid medical reason, cannot be vaccinated?

Why should a person who needs immediate medical attention or a planned procedure at a hospital be turned away because the freedom-seekers have filled up the emergency room?

A lot of the people screaming about their freedom are the same ones who in another context would piously say, “Freedom isn’t free.”


Freedom requires some sacrifices to serve the common good.

This new “freedom” is a synonym for “self-centered” and “me first.”

Richard Herrema



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