A couple of roads need some repaving


Your paper delivered July 27 included a Letter to the Editor advocating repaving Venice Avenue between the 41 Bypass and Pinebrook. I concur. Should the City undertake this task, I would ask that they also repair Pinebrook (Northbound) between Aston Gardens Drive and Venice Avenue.

It’s a “Bubble Gummed” patchwork of fixes and holes that’s an embarrassment.

Steve Thomas


Women need to continue to fight for rights


I was born in the 1930’s and raised in the 40’s and 50’s when husbands and fathers ruled their families. If they chose to physically or mentally abuse their family members, no police officer could or would stop them. Women had very few rights, except to vote, and then they usually voted as their husbands wished.

Then the 1960’s arrived with the revolutions and riots about civil rights, Vietnam and the women’s liberation movement.

Women started earning more money — they got up to 59% of what men earned for the same work. Today it is up to 79%. Thank the National Organization of Women for that.

Roe v. Wade was debated in the courts. We marched in the streets carrying signs and chanted “government, keep your laws off my body.”

Planned Parenthood, along with the NOW, stepped up to the challenge and finally helped make it law. This law was never just about abortion, it was about choice.

Now the Republican party wants to take that away.

What if the government tried to tell men what they could do with their bodies? What if men could be fined or jailed for having unprotected intimate relations with a woman? Would they march in the streets carrying signs and chanting? Now for the big question: Why is birth control the sole responsibility of the woman?

I have been a member of both the NOW and Planned Parenthood and I will continue to work for and give money to them to help stop this horrendous injustice against women.

Ardis E. Boch


Signs impairing vision at intersections


At the corner of Beach Road and Harbor Drive, near the airport a recent road change dramatically improved the traffic flow.

Vehicle’s heading north on Harbor Drive can now safely turn right onto Beach Road.

However this change created a triangular garden patch. This patch seems to be an ideal location for promoters of events, like the BBQ Festival, to place their colorful 3 x 6 foot vinyl signs. The problem is that these signs are not opaque and vehicles stopped, waiting to turn south onto Harbor Drive, cannot see the traffic heading north on Harbor.

Since there is no stop sign for these north bound drivers they cannot see the cars turning left onto Harbor. I have already been in a very close call last snowbird season.

I even notified the Venice police of this hazard. However the next event, a couple of weeks later, the sign was back up. I have no idea who is in charge of the sign placement, but they should be aware of this potential hazard — before someone gets killed. Surely another nearby location would be safer and still effectively promote the events.

Al Chabot



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