Thank you one and all


Big thank you to Crow’s Nest Restaurant and their employees, Rhonda, Carly and Michelle who served all the volunteers a great lunch at the Venice mooring field clean up event.

Thank you to Ken Lackmann for organizing all the scuba divers from Suncoast Reef Rovers, Venice ROTC team, Sarasota Bay Watch, Venice Police, Florida Fish and Wildlife, Seatow team and all the volunteers who participated in this event.

Deena Lonzo


Make your

voice heard, vote


Your vote counts.

I have been politically active my whole life.

When dealing with issues in a small community such as a township or village the individual person matters.

When dealing with issues on a city, county, state, or national level the individual matters only if they make a large contribution to a politician.

The only influence you will have has a normal citizen is your vote.

Look for endorsements from organizations you respect or do your homework and check the actual voting records of incumbent candidates.

All the protests, letter writing, and emails to your elected politicians do nothing to change their mind.

You can sway public opinion and then some candidates will give lip service to the issues.

Register and vote. It’s the only way to make change.

Joe Kehoe


Something to consider


For those of you considering visiting Venice or buying a home here, allow me to give you fair warning. Venice is a noisy place.

We have a small airport here that offers training to would be future pilots. These planes tend to fly in a tight circular pattern over the same area about every five minutes.

If there are three of these planes in the sky at one time that equates to 36 noise episodes every hour. It is often much worse than that.

The planes fly low so if you are on your balcony, in your lanai, on the bike trail, at the beach, or shopping downtown you will be exposed to the loud and persistent airplane noise in Venice.

If you are looking for peace and quiet on your vacation or for your retirement home I suggest you go somewhere else.

All small airports are not created equal. The Venice Airport is particularly annoying. I moved here over four years ago and bought a home without properly vetting the area.

I wish someone had informed me that Venice has a noise problem.

Timothy Bultema


Check the date

before you donate


I was one of many folks who volunteered in Nokomis at the Laurel Civic Association to sort through the food donations that were left on mailboxes for the mail carriers to pick up. A lot of extra work for the carriers, and a lot of volunteers sorting donations.

Here’s my bone to pick with many of the people who left those donations. We had to throw away almost as much as we were able to save. You would not believe how old some of those cans and packages were. It became a standing joke to see who threw away the oldest, most out-of-date, donation. 2003 and 2011 were my two oldest.

So, I’m sure your hearts were in the right place. But next year, please check your expiration dates.

Kathleen Schwartz



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