Help them to help themselves


The whole “migrant crisis” situation really wears on all of us, constantly in the news with no solutions in sight. Being that the throngs of immigrants that are “seeking asylum” because of deplorable life in their country, and the constant barrage of image and hollering from some, well it brings to mind a couple of questions.

First of all why haven’t the huge numbers of them taken to thronging their own government for those changes they seem to be seeking from us? After all they certainly love their culture, language and so forth (which seems to be why so many do not acclimate to ours.) Could we help them do that?

Secondly with all the blame and bashing about the situation, where is the change? If Democrats were worth their salt wouldn’t it make more sense to do something to “change” the horrible living situations they keep shouting about? After all it was Obama’s administration that built the thing so it would seem to me if they see need for fixing supplying and so forth wouldn’t that be the right thing to do. I for one am not to impressed with words without action.

Sandra Gillhouse


Supporting Trump, not a slick politician


I can handle only so much drivel.

Instead of knocking seniors for supporting President Trump, you need to have a dialogue with them on why they support him. What seems to be forgotten is that seniors have lived through World War II, the Holocaust, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Afghan War, the threat of communism.

We know what rationing is.

We didn’t have welfare. Did not have our hands out for freebees. We rolled up our sleeves and worked. We were all from legal immigrants.

We weren’t bombarded with pornographic movies, rude insulting lyrics, graphic violence; all under the guise of “free speech.” But, in reality, all under the guise of sensationalism for money.

People have become insensitive to violence, rudeness and crudeness, and respectfulness toward others. The word responsibility has become archaic.

No, we are not voting for Trump because of the stock market. We voted for Trump because he was not a politician. I am sick of career politicians with their graft, their “pork,” their insider trading, golden health care, perks for college, full retirement packages, etc.

I am also sick of the pretty boy/girl candidate, the smooth talker, whose mantra is, “What do you want? That’s what I’ll get for you.”

Trump has hard-balled China, Mexico, the U.N., Russia, and North Korea. Other presidents have tiptoed around these issues or offered big uranium deals. Can he be crass? Yes. Is he a smooth talker? No! But he is trying to make a difference. We

do have a swamp in Washington. True journalism has been replaced by opinionated propaganda.

One of my biggest disappointments was with Obama, a man of color. Did he go into the poor/black communities to heal them? No! Instead, he poked a stick at racial differences. He divided the country, black/ white, poor/rich/middle class.

Am sick of the race card. I’m white, you’re black, the grass is green, the sky is blue. Facts! Now get over it and let’s deal with the issues.

Judith G. Sheehan

Port Charlotte

Seeing red, white and BLUE


To the person who couldn’t “believe any true American wold display our national Flag, Old Glory, red stripes painted blue.”

That flag represents support for law enforcement and remembrance of those killed in the line of duty.

That flag flew in front of my house during National Police Week. As a Veteran, I fly “Old Glory” in front of my home every day. As a retired police officer, I will also fly the blue flag. Instead of writing that “nasty” comment, you should have gone to Google and learned something.

Harry Hamer



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