How about some parking


I agree with everything stated in Our View from Saturday, March 9 paper.

Tourism is crucial to businesses and tax revenue in Venice. But in order to have people come and enjoy what Venice has to offer, parking is the biggest problem.

This is especially true when a specific event is planned.

I am sure there are many people who drive around looking for a parking place then say the heck with it and move on.

I am fortunate because I live on the island so I can walk to events.

So if tourism is crucial to Venice, address the parking situation. It is important.

Grace Hartnett


Your editorial

was one-sided


Your march 9 editorial is one-sided re: growth. Retail businesses are not the problem in Venice and Sarasota County, incentives to over dense housing is. For example the City and County do not charge full impact fees on new housing.

The result is a burden on existing home owners, and an incentive to multi-million dollar developers. Recently, both governments turned down increases in impact fees. The fees are a fraction of what they should be to offset costs of infrastructure and new safety services, e.g. fire, police.

Your comment on Sharky’s ignores the very much “sweetheart lease Sharky’s enjoys and the recent $300,000 commitment for new parking that will allow Sharky’s an estimated $1 million additional gross revenue, they will keep 95 percent.

Did you know Sharky’s grossed more than $14 million in each of the last two years with a lease for much less than commercial rate. Despite that, the City Council just gave them a $20,000+ break for red tide reduction in sales. Talk about greed asking the taxpayers for $20k when you are making millions in profit.

You can boost businesses if that is your $-based priority, but take a larger look.

Ed Martin


Vote Trump

to save Republic


In 2016, President Trump asked minorities what they had to lose by voting for him. No Republican politician had ever asked that question, and it rocked America. Two years later, minorities are much better off under President Trump than at any time in history and no longer enslaved by Democrats.

But now, President Trump should ask Democrats who always vote Democrat even for bad candidates — what do you have to lose? There are significant reasons to make the switch now.

First, the economy is on steroids; jobs and record wages are everywhere. But more importantly, the socialist Democrat radical left, now in charge, want to burn the Constitution, ending the greatest experiment ever in the world in order to feed their greed and thirst for power. They want increased taxes, open borders, and no hamburgers at tailgate parties. Democrats are promoting infanticide or more blatantly murder after a baby is born. In short, they’re intent on legislating restrictions on every facet of your life.

In the 1930s, the Nationalist Socialist movement in Europe started euthanizing certain mentally challenged. Next, they euthanized the elderly when they became burdensome. Is that where we’re headed?

Voting Republican in 2020 is a win – win situation, plus it may save granny from going over the cliff by the euthanizing-crazed Democrats. Sane, non-radical Democrats have very little to lose, and a lot to gain. Voting is anonymous. There is peace of mind voting to save the Republic, not contributing to the radical socialist problem.

Randy Wedin


Thankful for home

and garden tours


Each winter while playing snowbirds in Venice, we enjoy the home and garden tours sponsored by the American Association of University Women and the Venice Area Garden Club.

They do great jobs selecting homes and gardens and organizing the events and should be recognized accordingly. Perhaps overlooked are the homeowners who graciously allow hundreds if not thousands of strangers to amble through their homes and gardens over one to two day periods.

Most of us would not be so generous. Kudos to the gracious home owners who support these wonderful fund-raising events.

We look forward to exploring more of the beautiful homes and gardens of Venice next year.

Mark Reasor



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