Thank you to

fire department


I wanted to express just how wonderful it was Halloween night to see a Venice Fire Department truck driving down our streets in the Edgewood Historic District. They brought so much excitement to the children when they stopped their fire truck, jumped off, and gave out candy. The streets were full of trick or treaters, and when they stopped to interact with the children, it not only brought joy to them, but the community as a whole. Thank you for extra effort these people put forth, because these acts of kindness not only spread happiness but also encourage a community spirit.

Gloria Caprio


Trump should

lead by example


Most people do agree that we should engage in more civil discourse.

I read Mr. Warren’s letter several times. Mr. Trump was not elected by middle class Americans. He was elected because he spoke to people who were harboring dark inhibitions. His supporters saw a fellow traveler. Mr. Trump never respected the people who voted for him. Mr. Trump played them. Tell me one thing that Mr. Trump has done for his followers. Built a wall? Allowed bigotry and antisemitism to be encouraged by not condemning, strongly, such behavior. Do middle class American’s really feel represented by Mr. Trump ? I am middle class. I got up early and went to work. I paid income taxes. I didn’t belong to a country club. Because I have no stocks or bonds, my pockets did not get deeper. I received no bonus because my company, through tax benefits, had significant profits.

Is it Mr. Trump’s problem that people have become so divided that even a traditional holiday comes with an A and B list of who to invite.? We need a leader who speaks forcibly and tells his supporters that words do hurt and actions can kill, so that he can set the example and do what is expected of someone who should be a world leader.

Please don’t lump me with the people who voted for Mr. Trump.

I am a middle class American who did not vote for Mr. Trump.

We can do better.

Leona Uchitelle


Destroying Fox Lea Farms


I am increasingly concerned that the Venice Planning Commission goes out of its way to ensure that developers never get turned down for any larger housing project in the City of Venice. Putting the Windham housing development next to Fox Lea Farms on N. Auburn Road, a fully functioning mega equestrian center, is a recipe for disaster. I don’t care what paper you get Windham residents to sign saying they understand there will be noise, smell, lights and congestion from the Fox Lea Farms operation. Windham residents will eventually file a lawsuit on everything they agreed to. Some judge will find in favor of the Windham residents and eventually force Fox Lea Farms to leave the area by limiting what can be done on its own property.

Venice elected officials are constantly worrying about revenues for all the things that are needed in Venice. Are they prepared to see Fox Lea Farms whose participants, spectators and vendors put $75M+ a year into the local economy leave the city of Venice? Is one more plan under development (PUD) worth that risk? Once these officials give their approval for Windham, the die will be cast for the loss of Fox Lea Farm revenue and the contributions it makes to the city of Venice. Mayor Holic and the city council need to think long and hard about their decision and what I am predicting will happen. Is this part of the legacy they want for being an elected official in Venice?

Mike Wojnowski


Land regulations

impact our future


I want to express my appreciation for the coverage of our recent environmental meeting. In your article your provided impartial and concise information on the board’s first three proposals attempting to supplement and broadening city council’s actions on reducing the sources of red tide.

Yet I wish to clarify some misconceptions that were implied with the final two proposals.

The proposal that recommends the planning commission to include Florida Friendly Landscaping and water management in the land development regulations (LDR) while mandatory will only impact future developments. While important, since there is limited undeveloped space available, the impact will be limited. The final proposal is to develop a joint educational program with existing HOA’s. Such initiatives would provide a wide and broader impact in reducing local sources for red tide and its negative economic and health impact. This would be a voluntary program in which established communities would provide residents access to educational material on the overall benefits and details on Florida

Landscaping from accredited insitutions such as the University of Florida and the State Department of Environmental Protection.

Presently there are preliminary discussions between chairman Tom Jones and representatives of the Venice Greater Coalition on how to proceed in this matter.

The Sawgrass Association has in response to our request placed a link to the Florida friendly planting guide under public information on their website. In addition they are considering placing language in the community wide standards that would allow a more adaptable proceess of approving homeowner applications on modifying their present landscape. Hopefully my comments have clarified the intentions of the proposals that will be a part of future discussions.

Ronald Courtney

Venice Environmental

Advisory Board

GOP to blame for civil unrest


Your recent recent article regarding civil discourse is commendable and should be continually re-enforced. As background you used a letter from Mr. Warren. The letter is properly focused but its major premise is so incorrect that it negates the point of the editorial. Specifically “both sides can point a finger at numerous examples of poorly chosen or downright nasty remarks”.

This is untrue! I have yet to read nasty comments or remarks made by major Democratic candidates and leaders while the tone of Republican leaders, led from the top, is hate, prejudice, lies, race-baiting, support of hate groups, fear-mongering, demonizing opponents. Major media outlets refused to air presidential ads. DeSantis opened his campaign with a racial slur.

Major Republican leaders, President to congressional candidates, have all employed these tactics to their shame. None of their party is moral enough to repudiate the worst of these falsehoods. Society is degraded when decent people cannot tell a colleague “you are wrong.” “Stop.”

Mr. Warren also made another significant error by stating Mr. Trump was “someone who liked and respected us.” Wow, a dreamer. Mr. Trump uses people. He has no respect for anyone, which was obvious prior to election just by reviewing his business deals, treatment of women, minorities, war heroes, and Mr. McCain.

John M. Cianci



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