President fears free press


Jim Acosta of CNN was just doing his job. As a Democratic country, the people have a right to know what elected officials like Trump, who gets paid by our taxes and works for us, do to advance our country in the world .

The woman was trying to take the microphone away from Acosta, because I believe he was asking tough questions that Trump did not like. Well too bad, Trump has never answered honestly, and has a fear of the press. Trump has never liked the 1st Amendment, and acts like a dictator.

We need to get the questions answered, the people have a right to know, and the Trump Administration is lacking in giving the people any kind of straight, honest answers. Proper decorum starts at home, and we have yet to see it from the Trump administration. I commend Acosta for standing up to Trump.

Mark Bossinger


What about the driver?


I was so sorry to read about the accident on Center Road with the bicycles. We have been reading about the recovery of the bicyclists and also about the death of one of them. I was sorry to read about that.

But there has been nothing in the paper about the lady that hit them, just that she was 91 years old. I can’t imagine the trauma that she must have gone through when the 4 bicycles changed lanes in front of her and she couldn’t help but hit them? I hope she is okay.

Karen Hoeppner

North Port

Nothing to complain about


Following up on a recent letter about the Venice Airport traffic noise. You purchased your home in 2014 and guess what, the airport was already there when you did. What did you expect? If it bothers you, move.

I live in South Venice and there is a bar several blocks from my home. Several times a week they have live bands. We always hear the music filtering out, sometimes the windows will shake a little and in the summer when the windows are open it sounds like the band in right next door. I knew this place was there before I purchased the home and did so anyway.

As I walked out of my house this morning I heard planes flying overhead. When I looked up there were five small aircraft flying in perfect formation, what an inspiring sight. To those talented pilots thank you very much, I just wish I could have gotten a photo.

Joyce Phillips


Again with the Airport?


Over recent months there have been at least two letters published by this paper which have demanded closing the Venice Airport.

As a student of Venice Airport history for many years, it is my observation that similar demands arise periodically, perhaps coinciding with the turnover in homeowners near the field.

About 12 years ago, a good deal of time and public money was spent in examining the matter of closing, moving or at least minimizing airport operations.

It became abundantly clear that all such attempts were futile, and even in some cases potentially illegal.

The reasons are simple. Unlike other city owned infrastructure, continued ownership, maintenance and operation of the airport is subject to perpetual commitments to the United States federal government; commitments that were shown to be inviolate. The airport has both federal deed restrictions and grant assurances. Perhaps in the future the Editor of the Gondolier could include a brief such note at the end of the complaining letter. While that short response would not necessarily satisfy the complainant, he or she would at least know the ground rules and tackle some other irritant.

It’s a waste of energy, emotion and dollars on something that’s just not going to happen.

All that can be done to help minimize the impact of the airport on the surrounding area has been done.

I believe that Venice is, in fact, an airport with a town; not a town with an airport. My advice is learn to live with it or move.

Chuck Schmieler


The band can do better


I call for the firing of the Venice High School band leader for doing such a bad job at the championship game. The band left the field at halftime and didn’t return until the fourth quarter. The opponents band was louder, better and had more of a team effort with the cheer leaders. The band keeps playing the same old cheers how about doing something new. The band is also too far away from the 50-yard line.

Lou Sauppe



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