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Not right. What does the Venice Police Department do with guns and ammunition that people turn in? I do think I remember them talking about it, and they take them out in the Gulf and deep-six them. So, we’re polluting ourselves. If that’s the case, they’ve got oil on them. Taking ammunition and stuff they want to get rid of … they take it out into the Gulf and stuff it. Not right. Editor’s Note: When the VPD announced its Lock It or Leave It project, officials said items turned in would be destroyed after being checked to see if they had been reported stolen or were suspected of being used in a crime.

Gender identification. This is for all the people who can’t wrap their head around it. You know, sexuality is never a black or white thing, it never has been. In previous times, it has just been suppressed and stifled because it was so taboo. Things are different now. Just like the song says, “Baby, I was born this way.” Again, in old times, you had to think a certain way; you were forced to think a certain way. That’s why there are so many messed-up people out there. Now, people are more in touch with their feelings, who they are, what they want to be, what God created them as, and are living a happier life because they don’t have to live in a lie. That’s what it’s about. People who haven’t heard about this before? It’s because everybody was lying about it. That’s the only difference.

Hospital relocation. Why would anyone consider putting a hospital around the circle on Jacaranda, which is already the highest accident-prone intersection? A hospital will only make that intersection so much worse. You either have to get rid of the circle and put in stop lights, or something. You’re just asking for an accident to happen with an ambulance coming to the hospital.

No to Legacy Trail extension. Let me see, we’re being asked to approve a bond issue in the amount of $65 million for the purchase of land and instillation of basically a paved bicycle trail that would extend the existing Legacy Trail further north into Sarasota County. For the citizens of Venice and the surrounding area, shouldn’t we be more concerned with having adequate storm shelters and affordable housing? To me, these projects should take priority over a recreational trail used and promoted primarily by the bicycling community.

Move to Cali. This is about the caller dissatisfied with Republicans having control of Florida. Why don’t you move to California? That’s where you belong. This state has been doing pretty good. And, leave Rick Scott alone. He has done a great job. I’ve been in Florida for 66 years, I know what I’m talking about. Where did you move from?

Water bill, ire up. I’m calling about the increase in my monthly water bill. The city of Venice has increased my monthly billing charge by over 70 percent. Why? Over 22,000 customers will be paying an additional $2 per billing cycle, about $528,000 per year. Please explain. Editor’s Note: As we’ve reported, the $2 surcharge is to offset fees from the recycling hauler that have more than doubled.

Big difference. This is a call about Clinton and Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby drugged the women and sexually assaulted them. Bill Clinton had sex with women who were of age and were cognizant of what was happening. He did not drug his victims. There’s a big, big difference. Cosby assaulted more than 50 women that he drugged. Bill Clinton was with women who were of age and gave consent.

Save the Dogs. I’m disappointed in your editorial calling for a “no” vote on Amendment 13 because, as you state, “A dog-racing ban could be enacted by the legislature.” It is precisely BECAUSE of the failure of the Legislature to act responsibly. The voters should seize this opportunity to end these cruel spectacles. Dog racing is so cruel that it is illegal in 40 states. On average, a dog dies on a Florida track every three days. The Amendment is endorsed by many on both sides of the aisle, from Attorney General Pam Bondi, Lara Trump, the Democratic Caucus of Florida to the Florida Federation of Republican Women. This is not a partisan issue. It’s about cruelty. A “yes” vote on Amendment 13 is a vote against cruelty; it’s as simple as that. Let’s not turn a blind eye and let the dogs continue to suffer simply because our elected officials have turned a blind eye themselves to the agony.

No justice. Bill Cosby, convicted and in prison; Donald Trump, free to fly around the country to be honored, applauded and revered by Republicans at his incendiary campaign rallies. What is wrong with this picture? Where is the justice? As one TV commentator pointed out, “Trump makes Clinton look like an altar boy.”

Hold Off on the Alleyways. I can’t believe the city wants to further burden the downtown merchants by requiring them to upgrade and maintain their alleyways. I think they have enough on their plate right now trying to keep their doors open. How about we finish what we’ve started and then worry about the alleys later?

No drugs. Although I don’t think that Bill Clinton was right in what he did, he didn’t drug women to have sex with them. It was purely consensual.

Vern in the Middle. I would like to get the follow off my chest. I use a ballot-by-mail to vote. I enjoy taking my time and researching the candidate and issues without the feeling of being rushed. In regard to Florida House District 74, I was appalled at how my ballot was printed. The first person for the House District 74 is James Vernon Buchanan. His middle name appears in all capital letters, as opposed to not having his middle name at all on the ballot. I believe that this was done so that a voter might believe he is casting a vote for his father, Vern Buchanan. I feel that James Buchanan is manipulating the voter. I feel this is voter fraud because it is very blatant. I hope many voters pay attention to this gross deceit. Also, shame on the people who are responsible for printing the ballot. Remember, voters, that the devil is in the details.


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