VENICE — Venice High School held a “Parade of Champions” to celebrate the 6A state champion girls soccer team on Wednesday afternoon.

“It feels amazing, that’s the only word I can think of that describes this feeling,” senior soccer player Rachel Dalton said.

The parade also honored the Youth Rowing Sarasota Crew’s Venice members who are state champions and will be going to the Youth National Regatta 2021 in Sarasota on June 10.

After the parade’s short route from Venice High to Centennial Park, there was a program with speakers and music at the gazebo.

At the program, the soccer team also received their championship rings.

Both the soccer team and the rowing crew received praise from community leaders, including Superintendent Brennan Asplen and County Commissioner Ron Cutsinger.

“Boy, it’s great to be an Indian,” girls soccer coach Gary Bolyard said.

During Bolyard’s speech, he said he was not only humbled to be there but proud of the squad for their hard work.

Not only did they win a championship, but the soccer team also maintained a 3.79 GPA.

“Unbelievable experience to get where we are at,” Bolyard said.

Dalton said she has been playing soccer since she was 4, like many other teammates.

Winning the state championship was what they’ve been dreaming about and working toward for years, she said.

“The parade was super exciting and not what I expected,” Dalton said.


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