Police lights

A construction worker along Bermont Road was injured Friday morning when his leg was struck by the wheel of a trailer.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

• Lukas Gauthier, 26, 500 block of Darwin Road, Venice. Charge: battery — by person detained in prison or jail facility. Bond: $1,500.

• Edmund Poppe, 74, 10 block of Bay Acres, Osprey. Charges: aggravated assault — with deadly weapon without intent to kill; adult kidnap or false imprisonment; battery — on officer, firefighter, or EMT; 3 counts of battery — touch or strike. Bond: $60,000.

• Kyle Moore, 33, 200 block of Patterson Avenue, Osprey. Charge: domestic battery — cause bodily harm. Bond: none.

• Michael Riel, 57, 2500 block of Jerome Road, Venice. Charge: DUI. Bond: $120.

• Johann Swift-Steisel, 77, 5300 block of Layton Drive, Venice. Charge: domestic aggravated battery — on person 65 years of age or older. Bond: none.

The Venice Police Department reported the following arrest:

• Beth Saunders, 61, 1400 block of Strada D Argento, Venice. Charge: larceny — petty theft second degree, two or more theft conviction. Bond: $1,500.

The Florida Highway Patrol-Venice reported the following arrest:

• Michael Alberti, 43, Sarasota. Charges: 2 counts DUI — damage to property or person. Bond: $1,000.

Compiled by Morgan Simpson


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