The Venice Police Department reported the following arrests:

Mark Bailey, 64, 1400 block of Fruitville Road and E. 75th St., Sarasota. Charge: contempt of court (failure to appear). Bond: $500.

Erika Plumley, 28, 100 block of Gulf Club Lane, Venice. Charge: two count of probation violation. Bond: none.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

Kevin Caldwell, 31, 3100 block of Venessa Road, Venice. Charges: probation violation, resisting an officer without violence, possession of drug equipment. Bond: $2,000.

Marc Reagan, 54, 3400 block of Roslyn Road, Venice. Charge: probation violation. Bond: none.

Robert Rice, 55, 800 block of Baveno Drive, Venice. Charges: crack cocaine possession, possession of drug equipment. Bond: $2,000.

Shawn Struble, 33, 1000 block of Hope St., Venice. Charge: petit larceny. Bond: $500.

Seth Vansciver, 37, 200 block of S. Sierra St., Venice. Charge: burglary of an unoccupied dwelling unarmed. Bond: $15,000.

Troy Wheeler, 30, 4500 block of Bonita Road, Venice. Charge: In-custody arrest for nonpayment. Bond: $870.

Zachary Craig, 36, 21200 block of Sandal Foot Road, Venice. Charge: Manatee County warrant for petit theft. Bond: $2,000.

Gregory Foresi, 68, 400 block of Lake of the Woods Drive, Venice. Charge: DUI. Bond: $120.

Wendy Popp, 50, 100 block of Chardin Road, Nokomis. Charge: battery. Bond: $500.

Christina West, 39, 1800 block of Scotties Place, Nokomis. Charge: probation violation. Bond: none.

Zachary Johnson, 26, 3000 block of Sunset Beach Drive, Venice. Charges: petit larceny (third or subsequent offense), contempt of court (failure to appear). Bond: $6,500.

Compiled by Greg Giles, News Editor


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