SOUTH VENICE — The Publix in Venice Village Shoppes has been under demolition for around a month.

Businesses surrounding the site have not been impacted too much and remain positive, despite the wrecking of the building just next door.

Snowbirds Grille owner Ashley Bloomquist was prepared for the work — after the demolition, a new Publix is set to be built at the site.

Bloomquist knew about the plans for the Publix before signing the lease a year ago. Even though she said it was not ideal, she has kept business going as usual.

“It’s been positive in some ways,” Bloomquist said. “It is nice to have the extra parking.”

When Publix was open, she said the customers took up most of the parking spaces, but now the spots are open.

Bloomquist also commented the construction crews on the site has been respectful and mostly work at night when the restaurant is closed.

There are also some negative impacts on the eatery. Bloomquist said the visibility is not great with the fence blocking potential customer’s views.

“People will say ‘I didn’t even know you were there,’” Bloomquist said.

She is hoping Publix leadership will put up signs on the other side of the fence to let people know the restaurant is around the corner.

Since opening, Bloomquist made sure to have a strong virtual presence to draw people in and promoted to-go orders.

Snowbirds Grille is not the only place that has been affected by the demolition and eventual construction site next door.

Sand Trap Sports Bar and Grill workers said they haven’t been negatively impacted by the work so far.

According to employee Tony Nguyen, the restaurant has not slowed down too much.

Despite a small drop in customers, Nguyen said they still have the regular customers that come in and keep the restaurant busy.

“We used to get people coming in after shopping at Publix,” Nguyen said.


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