It’s never too early or too late to become better versed in the Bible.

Your requirements?

Well, you don’t need to schedule any classes or pay any fees, and the only book you’ll need is the Holy Bible.

You can take it at your own pace; there are no deadlines.

You can use your computer to further study the meaning of Scripture.

You may find some pens and a great big notebook helpful, though.

The benefits?

Countless, when you consider the priceless rewards, the learning, growing closer to God, and personal development of the fruits of the Spirit, not to mention getting to know Jesus better.

Also, an increase in godly knowledge and wisdom that inspires obedience, peace, clarity and creativity and is unique for each student

The diploma?

It isn’t necessary, but there are free and pay online classes for those interested.

Some pointers on studying the Bible

• Some of the best places to begin are Genesis, the Gospels and John’s letters

• Start by simply reading. Stop when you get to something that you aren’t sure about and search it out on your PC or phone or tablet. Then, jot down which verses you have researched and what you learned.

There is also a plethora of Bible commentary on the web that can be quite helpful at times.

• Apply what you read to your own life and circumstances.

• Remember, the deeper you dig, the better the learning.

• If you aren’t sure about what you are understanding, continue in your study of that topic or passage and remember, it’s okay to not get something. Sometimes just reading it over and over can help, but it’s okay to have trouble. We all do. No one can know it all, until we get to Heaven. Then we will.

• Always ask that the Holy Spirit reveal the meaning of Scripture to you and give you discernment.

• Developing a never-quit, determined attitude toward learning God’s Word can help accelerate your spiritual growth and repeatedly lift you up out of ordinary earthly living; you will soar above your troubles like the eagle. (Isaiah 40:31)

Linzy Bruno is a certified Bible counselor who publishes at


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