Chosen Vision Trio

VENICE — Sunday marks a year since Harvest Chapel moved into its new Center Road site.

The day will also include an anniversary celebration, marking 10 years since Harvest Chapel began.

The chapel invites “everyone who has impacted the growth of Harvest Chapel” to either its 10 a.m. service with Rev. Sam Benson and/or its a 6 p.m. Gospel concert featuring Chosen Vision Trio, from California.

“Benson will most likely remind the congregation, members of the community who come to be part of this special time for Harvest Chapel, and those who are anxious to learn of the teachings of Jesus’ service when he was on this Earth,” the chapel said in a news release.

“We want people to realize that those in this congregation of believers are the ones who are blessed as they pray for those who need it, whether the church knows them or not. Rev. Benson is a blessing to Harvest Chapel and will bring his wonderful message to all.”

Chosen Vision Trio will be a part of the evening celebration and are coming to Florida from California for the event.

“It is their desire to present more than a concert but a worship experience. They use the medium of Christian music to present the Gospel truths and encourage the Church as all learn together work toward the goals the Lord has for us,” the chapel said.

The news release notes Harvest Chapel members “have learned to be a faithful, loving congregation, offering love to the community as they share the ministry of many well-known Gospel music groups.”

“After 10 years in the Venice community, we feel we have been here forever as we continue serving each other, our families, our community,” the news release states. “More important, we have learned to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, serving Him and sharing that message with others.”

Harvest Chapel is at the corner of Center Road and Cortina Blvd. in Venice.


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