“Spend A Year With Jesus, An Inspirational Journey of Finding Jesus and Faith,” by Dr. Bruce L. Hartman, was recently published in e-book format and is available from Amazon.com.

Create a new sense of spiritual purpose. Make 2020 the year you fully connect with Jesus.

If you like Christian author Max Lucado, this is a book that might resonate. The author intends it to be a simple book filled with a path to a deeper connection with Jesus.

If your faith has waned, or perhaps you need to ignite the fire of faith, “Spend A Year With Jesus” and relight the fire of your inner longing to know Jesus and God.

According to the author, after a year-long journey you will have changed how you view God and Jesus. Experience the majesty of all the Christian periods of faith, from Lent to Easter and then on through the period of Pentecost, ending with Advent and the Christmas season.

In this one-year devotional journey, readers will experience all that is the way of Christian life, emerging one year later with a new relationship with Jesus and a heightened spiritual direction.

Hartman is an author and Christian adviser committed to “walking with people into a brighter future” as they navigate life.

Hartman’s first book, “Jesus & Co.,” received the Readers’ Choice Award in the fall of 2018. Prior to entering the ministry, he was a Fortune 500 CFO where his skill with working with people changed lives.

He graduated in 2013 with a Master of Divinity from Drew University Theological School, earning the Daniel P. Kidder Award for excellence in pastoral care, and received a doctorate degree from Drew in May of 2018.

Hartman’s passion for mentoring people throughout his career has enabled him to repeatedly develop talent into C-Suite executives, encourage employee engagement and development at all levels and transform organizations into high-performing centers of excellence.

He presently serves as president and on the board of directors of A Future with Hope, as well as serving on the boards of Drew University and United Methodist Development Foundation

Available at Amazon.com, “Spend a Year With Jesus” is free with a Kindle unlimited member or $2.99 to purchase.

Learn more about the author at: BrucelHartman.com.


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