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Scott Lawson

There are few things as obnoxious as the “Hey, I’m the new guy” column from an editor.

Without further delay, hey — I’m the new guy.

Not new to Florida. We’ve lived here since early 2016 and started visiting about 10 years ago.

And not new to journalism. I’ve done this for a long time, interviewing congress members and celebrities and convicted murderers and cancer survivors.

Nobody intimidates me; not much shocks me. There have been stories on government corruption, a church opened by a transgender individual and — well — the list is long.

Along the way, there have been threats and praise and “fake news!” and awards. None of that matters. The next edition of the paper does.

I’ve worked pretty much every job in a newsroom at newspapers of every size. We exist to inform the community about what’s going on and why — and how the people involved feel about the situation.

Every newspaper is important to its community. Every story matters, if only a little bit, to either a few residents or an entire region.

So that’s our task, one the Venice Gondolier Sun has had for nearly 75 years. Digging a little bit for small stories. Digging a little deeper and harder for tougher stories.

Readers probably won’t notice many changes to the product. Some will be subtle or based in newsroom nerdworld. None will snub the basic mission of journalism: to tell the stories.

If you subscribe digitally, you may see more stories going online or being promoted on social media pages. While we are a two-day-a-week paper, news is 24/7 and we will work to update our readers online as best we can.

We will be out and about, asking questions, taking photos and asking more questions. The journalists in Venice are here to cover our community. Good news. Bad news. Odd news.

Now your task — or at least a favor I’ll ask — is to not be shy about sending news tips about the good, bad and odd. So feel free to call my phone at 941-429-3002 or email me at scott.lawson@yoursun.com.

Because new guy news is already old and obnoxious.


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