SARASOTA — The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust is extending its matching challenge through December.

The trust is working to help nonprofit agencies across the Suncoast, it said in a news release.

Any donation between $5 and $500 will be matched to “select social service, social welfare, K-12 education and healthcare organizations,” it said.

It launched the 2020 program in January and “has enabled 94 nonprofit organizations across Sarasota and the Suncoast area to continue fulfilling their missions by matching more than $700,000 from approximately 3,000 individual contributors,” the news release said.

“While this significant accomplishment has allowed agencies to serve their clients through this dire time, the Flanzer Trust is committed to help our neighbors in need get back on track and access critical resources,” the news release said.

It said donations will be matched 1:1.

“We are thrilled that the matching program has been so successfully embraced by the community,” said Eric Kaplan, co-trustee of the Flanzer Trust. “Our goal has been to engage individuals with the great agencies who provide important services to the people of Sarasota,”

He said 3,000 families and individuals have assisted so far.

“We’re proud of them and the program that made it possible.”

Those wanting to take part in the 2020 Flanzer Contribution Matching Program can visit Online donations can be made through PayPal, it said. Donations can also be made via check made payable toLouis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust. They can be sent to its office at 1843 Floyd Street, Sarasota, FL 34239.

One co-trusted noted 2020 has been “a difficult year for Sarasota and the Suncoast.”

“The level of contributions has been steady from the inception of the program and continues,” Flanzer Trust co-trustee Dr. R. Dean Hautamaki said. “This spring and summer we experienced a spike in COVID-19 that deeply affected the community. While important therapies have reduced mortality rates, the human cost from lost income, increased costs and financial insecurity continues and we will do our part to help the community through these tough times. Many of our partner agencies have seen significant revenue losses due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

That’s why it’s important, he said.

“We feel that it’s imperative for us to extend the Flanzer Contribution Matching Program and removing the $500,000 cap on the total amount we will match,” Hautamaki said.

Once a donation is processed, Flanzer Trust “will send the contribution and the associated matching funds to the designated partner agency,” the news release said. “The Flanzer Trust will also absorb 100 percent of the program with no charge or reduction in any contribution.”

For more information, call 917-915-0404 or visit its website at


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