West Villages residents continue to have a debate with North Port city officials on a variety of topics.

Attitude toward West Villages is arrogant

To the Editor:

North Port Vice Mayor Jill Luke’s attitude toward the nearly 2,000 residents who have signed petitions to de-annex the West Villages development from North Port is an excellent example of why so many residents want to separate from North Port.

Her response is that we are “selfish.”

Her arrogant response demonstrates that Ms. Luke dismisses the concerns of many West Villages residents.

Per your article, she refers to us her constituents as “them” setting an adversarial tone.

The disregard of taxpayers wishes is illustrated by the building of the North Port Aquatic center which is projected to lose money and which a majority of residents voted against several years ago. The Warm Mineral Springs development is another example of North Port’s fiscal irresponsibility.

North Port commissioners have illustrated a disregard of taxpayers’ concerns. The relationship between it and many West Villages residents appears to be negative and the differences irreconcilable. As one of those “selfish” taxpayers, I maintain it is time for a divorce. It is time for de-annexation.

Patricia Brown

West Villages

Police brutality is the issue in America right now

To the Editor:

Ever since the current police brutality issues across the nation has come up to the forefront, I have had many thoughts of the matter.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but, I have decided to finally note some of my thoughts and ideas. I think that many cops are being too brutal. And I think many people commit petty crimes.

Sure police training may contributed to officer behavior and actions, but where is the logic in these brutal actions in some of these cases? Protesters are demanding change, but I have heard nothing about the actual specifics that could make change. Things like “end racism,” “BLM,” “justice now,” “justice for all” and “end brutality” are all nice ideas, but don’t really contribute to actual change. Sure they are a good starting point, but they need backup with actual ideas and actions for change.

The one thing I thought about today after seeing Rayshad Brooks get shot in the back was that, in my opinion, the police are doing it all wrong. Here is my suggestion to help “end police brutality.”

Rayshad was not a significant harm to the public. Sure he may have been drunk and driving, but then so are millions of other people every day endangering the public speeding, DUI, selling drugs, etc. Rayshad resisted arrest and ran from the police (trying to taze the police). So he made another bad choice, but he was not a threat to the public.

Thomas Keith


Reelect Robinson, elect Rose to School Board

To the Editor:

I believe it is very important that Eric Robinson and Karen Rose be elected to the School Board.

Both Robinson and Bridget Ziegler have fought to maintain a balance between public and charter schools, giving parents the right to choose the school they wish their children to attend. Karen Rose also supports this position.

The other three current board members, Zucker, Goodwin, and Brown, as well as the other two candidates, Tom Edwards and Davis Graham, have opposed or are against school choice.

The teacher’s union has endorsed both Robinson and Rose, which I doubt they would do if they felt charter schools were detrimental to public school funding.

Robinson will continue to work with Tallahassee to see that our schools are properly funded. Karen Rose has been a teacher and administrator, understands the school system, and is extremely well qualified for the job.

Remember also that Zucker, Goodwin, and Brown were responsible for the outrageous contract that we citizens had to pay out when former Superintendent Todd Bowden resigned due to the attempted cover up of a sexual harassment scandal during his administration. It is time for new leadership. Your children’s education depends on it.

Bill Bauman



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