Nicolas Schock Nick Schock

Nicolas Schock

NOKOMIS — An allegedly belligerent man screamed at servers, exposed himself to employees and punched a bartender at a Nokomis seafood restaurant Friday.

Nicholas A. Schock, 36, of Wauchula, faces charges of battery, touch or strike; and disturbing the peace, breach of the peace, in an incident that was filmed and was becoming “viral” online over the weekend.

It began about 3 p.m. Friday at Pop’s Sunset Grill in Nokomis in the 100 block of Circuit Road.

“He came in the entrance and was spouting some irate hate dialogue and pumping his fist,” Pop’s General Manager Stephanie Brown said Sunday.

He hadn’t been served anything at the restaurant, she noted.

A worker at Pop’s approached him from her job as a bartender immediately, trying to defuse the situation.

Several witnesses said he laid down on the ground and exposed himself. Brown said authorities were already being called about the situation.

In the video, a man is seen pulling up his pants and making sexual derogatory statements toward workers. The man is also heard screaming about white supremacy.

“The Aryan Nation will rule the world,” the suspect says on the video, laughing.

Another man works to help Schock leave. “Hey, we have children in here,” the man said.

“I don’t give a f---,” Schock replies. “Call Donald Trump.”

Then he wanders back toward the bar.

(WARNING: The video is graphic, contains vulgar language and shows violence.)

“And then we thought he was maybe leaving,” Brown said. “He took two steps and turned around. At that time (she) came back out because of her patrons and that’s when he hit her.”

Co-workers and people who had moments earlier been enjoying a late lunch jumped onto the suspect and held him down. The bartender was allegedly struck more than once and on the ground for more than 30 seconds, entangled with the suspect, the video shows.

“As soon as he struck our bartender, he was quickly apprehended by our owner, staff and patrons,” Brown said. “It took quite a few people to restrain him until the police showed up.”

Brown said the restaurant has its own safety parameters that were followed. She said patrons who assisted were appreciated.

“We’re fortunate to have a strong law enforcement in our community,” she said. “We’re fortunate to have a strong community as well.”

The incident happened six weeks after Pop’s Sunset Grill had to cope with the death of a young server who was killed in a crash along U.S. 41 in Nokomis. Kayla Nevins, 24, of Nokomis, was a passenger on a motorcycle driven by Bobby Watkins III, 30, of Venice. Both died when a vehicle pulled into their path on June 14.

Brown said in the Friday incident, the worker who was struck is being cared for at home with Pop’s checking in on her.

She said the eatery always strives for peaceful situations and to help people relax.

“The No. 1 thing if for our staff and our community to feel safe,” Brown said.

While the video is surging online, it’s not something that showcases what Pop’s Sunset Grill strives to be.

“It’s certainly not a limelight we would wish for anyone else or ourselves. He clearly has some ... issues and it’s unfortunate that they reared their ugly head at our restaurant.”



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