Federal addiction treatment dollars off-limits for marijuana

Marijuana equipment sits on display along a window at a medical cannabis dispensary.

SARASOTA — The Sarasota County School Board unanimously approved the advertisement of a new medical marijuana policy, which would allow caregivers to administer the drug to students on school grounds.

But medical marijuana use will only be authorized under certain conditions.

The proposed policy states that the drug should solely be administered on district property when it cannot be accomplished outside of school hours.

Caregivers, who have been certified by a physician to administer the prescribed medication, will be allowed to meet with their student at a location selected by the district or the school’s administration.

School employees will not be allowed to administer or store the drug on district property.

During a workshop Tuesday, district officials said 11 students had requested to have access to medical marijuana on campus.

Many of them, officials said, use the drug to prevent seizures.

However, should the policy put the district at risk of losing its federal funding, the board stated that it would immediately suspend the new rule.


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