CASEY KEY — Cooler temperatures and strong winds cleared most beaches of snowbirds early this week.

With lows in the 40s and highs in the lower 60s predicted for much of the week, T-shirts were replaced, or at least supplemented, with fleece jackets.

Visitors at Nokomis Beach braving the sandblast under red flags looked for shells, shark teeth and built a snowman of sort — far from the shoreline of pounding waves.

“Our friends are all posting photos from their snowmen they’re making up north,” said Nancy Hobba, of Rockford, Illinois. “We just wanted to make our own.”

Hobba is in the area for a few days, visiting her friends Vicky Brown and Kim Bowen, who are seasonal residents of Venice.

Marge Niever, of Corning, New York, walked a portion of the beach looking for shells, she said.

“And I’m getting my steps in,” Niever added, as the wind pushed through the shore.

Niever is staying in Nokomis for six weeks this winter.

The rest of this week should warm up a bit, with a high of 62 on Wednesday but getting back to the low 70s by Friday.


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