Did you know that many of the self care products we use every day expose us to toxic chemicals and ingredients. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Triclosan, parabens and ureas are just a small sample of common soap ingredients that are known skin irritants, endocrine system disrupters or carcinogens.

While we can’t totally control our exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients, we can select alternative products to reduce or avoid the negative side effects. And lucky for us, there’s a local resource providing healthier natural options for many bath, body and beauty products as well as some household solutions … Lolablue Living.

Love + Positivity

Immerse yourself in delightful, refreshing and calming scents as you explore the many products this inventive North Port manufacturer and retailer offers.

You’ll also appreciate the positivity expressed on the product packaging and art signs placed throughout the shop, like “Peace Begins with a Smile,” “Slow Down and Breathe” and “Start Every Day with a Grateful Heart.” If you’re having a bad day, they want to make it better. It’s part of their brand.

Owner and creative entrepreneur Jamie Lovern takes great pride in her artisanal, handcrafted products, intended to “help you live your best life ever.” She creates the formulas, the colorful looks, the scents and the packaging for their vast selection and also participates in production, marketing, sales and distribution.

The Lolablue website states, “Clean and mindful ingredients go into all our products plus a lot of love.”

Lovern said she’s passionate about where her ingredients and packaging come from, preferring that everything is “made in America.” Her company supports American farmers, using ingredients made from renewable resources.

Lather Up + Vibe High

One of Lovern’s creations, a vast array of natural soaps, has become Lolablue’s flagship product—and it is always in high demand. Palm oil free and formulated with natural oils, cocoa and shea butters, healing clays, earth-based vegan colorants and “good vibes,” the soaps are beautiful, practical, environmentally friendly and healthy. Lovern believes using these soaps can even change your mood and energy levels.

Lovern commented that she had dry skin and never found anything available in the marketplace that helped. She began learning about natural butters and oils and eventually began creating soaps. Now they have a lot of customers with skin conditions, skin-related side effects from chemotherapy treatments and other skin issues that appreciate these non-irritating, healing soaps as well as their other products.

“We have one customer with burns on his head. He swears by our tea tree soap,” she said.

Manufacturing is done next door to their retail shop, and the soap is the most labor-intensive, physically demanding product they make. It’s a two-day process—mixing, pouring into molds, storing on racks while the mixture sets and cutting the bricks into loaves and then into bars. They are then cured for a month before being stamped with their logo, wrapped and labeled.

Lovern’s “partner in crime” and husband, D.J., has a degree in psychology and an extensive background in personal training, counseling and nutrition. He is instrumental in the soap production as well as collaborating and brainstorming with Jamie to create and produce new products and guarantee their success.

“We try to spread a positive uplifting attitude. It gives you more peace and calm. I remind myself that (with) every single bar of soap people get satisfied with, I made their day,” he said. “None of all this would happen without Jamie.”

“It’s teamwork,” she added.

Soap scents include coconut patchouli, spearmint lime, dark & dirty (a blend of vanilla, bergamot and fig leaves), black absinthe, sexy mama (grapefruit, rose, violet, musk and wild flowers), nag champa, vanilla pumpkin, sacred sandalwood, Dakin Dairy cowmilk chocolate, jasmine green tea, farm fresh apple, bark, tea tree charcoal, Los Dos Christianos coffee, raspberry patchouli, patchouli herb, frankincense & myrrh, earth day (a limited edition blend of sweet orange and lemongrass with a splash of peppermint and patchouli essential oils), summer coconut, by the campfire, lavender love, orange cinnamon, campfire coffee, patchouli, blissful bug armour, amber goddess, lemongrass mint, Hala Kahiki (sweet juicy pineapples infused with aromatic sage), lemon lavender and, for those who can’t tolerate scents, they offer naked unscented soaps. Lovern’s favorite scent is patchouli.

“One recent new customer said the scent of frankincense and myrrh reminded her of her grandmother’s house and growing up with that scent,” she said.

While all soaps sell really well, some of the best-sellers are bark (the best “guy soap”), raspberry and coconut patchouli, lemon lavender and Hala Kahiki.

When batches of soaps are cut, they have leftover end pieces that make for the perfect small travel soaps.

They also carry “soap accessories,” like soap caddies and soap nets.

New things are on the horizon, including seasonal soaps like Earth Day And Summer and perhaps even a shampoo bar.

Lolablue suggests customers “Be well, speak love, and spread peace.” All packages are labeled “Mother Nature Approved” and include an amusing or encouraging quote like “Conserve water – shower with a friend” or “Start each day with a grateful heart.”


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