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Former North Port resident Tammy Renee Frechette will head out on tour this fall to promote her new album “Steps.”


West Villages Sun Editor

NORTH PORT — For Tammy Renee Frechette, playing music is about having fun and enjoying herself.

Frechette, 50, has been singing since she was child, but it wasn’t until her own children were grown up that she decided to pursue music again.

“I started singing in my uncle’s country band,” Frechette said.

She married when she was at 18 and, like many other people, she became busy with other aspects of life.

But for her, the love of music never died.

Frechette, who was born in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., moved to North Port 28 years ago and raised her family in the city.

Ultimately, it was her family that encouraged her to return to her love of music for something beyond her own expression.

“My husband and kids encouraged me to put stuff online and I got good reception,” Frechette said.

Frechette said she isn’t the typical musician, and doesn’t fit the mold of what people expect.

She’s been met with comments about her appearance and her age.

“I had a lot to prove,” Frechette said.

She said that since people look at outward appearances first, it’s been the toughest obstacle to overcome.

It hasn’t stopped her though.

Frechette said she started doing more music online, and was eventually approached by Nashville promotion companies. This led to her playing at the Grand Ole Opry last year for a Ralph Stanley tribute show.

Frechette says she doesn’t try to fit into a box, and she doesn’t want to be like everyone else.

“I just want to be the next Tammy Renee,” she says.

Frechette’s music is Americana, Gospel, country and folk with a hints of blues.

Frechette sings in venues, but also churches. In churches, she hopes to bring a message of being positive and attempts to help those who may be struggling.

“God gifted me this and I’ll sing wherever,” Frechette said.

She’s recently moved to Nashville in order to continue pursuing music.

Frechette has released her third album, “Steps,” and is about to head out on tour.

Her Christmas album “It’s Christmas Time Again,” streams at Walmart during the holidays.

“Steps” has already received several nominations from the International Singer and Songwriter Association.

She said she hopes for at least one win, but is happy with just the nominations.

“It’s amazing, that night we start the tour,” Frechette said.

After they wrap up in Atlanta, they’ll head on the road to go to upstate New York. Frechette return to Saratoga Springs to perform, and she’ll hit Kentucky, Georgia and eventually return to Florida.

She’ll be on tour through October and then she’s off in November.

“If someone wants us to come, we have openings,” Frechette said.

To learn more about Tammy Renee or book her visit www.tammyreneemusic.com or follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/tammyreneemusic.


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