NPPD panacea

North Port Police working in the area of Panacea Boulevard near Plantation Boulevard, looking for a person who stole a car and crashed it.

NORTH PORT — Police took three juveniles in custody following a car chase in the area of Panacea Boulevard and Plantation Boulevard on Thursday evening.

The teens were believed to be in stolen cars. One vehicle crashed into a power transmitter, knocking out electrical power in the area. Florida Power and Light crews arrived and quickly restored power. The North Port Fire Rescue was on the scene as well, as the crash sparked a fire.

An officer saw the cars at around 4:45 p.m., speeding in or near the Del Webb subdivision off Panacea. The officer tried to stop them. The drivers sped up and then crashed the vehicles, running away from the wrecks. Police caught one suspect, but searched the wooded area with a helicopter and K-9s until the two other teens were caught.

“It appeared to be some good police work ... that something didn’t seem right to the police officer and he activated his lights,” said Josh Taylor, spokesman from the North Port Police.


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